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5.8, Trad, 80 ft,  Avg: 3.4 from 152 votes
FA: Rob Robinson, Bruce Rogers - 1985
Tennessee > Tennessee Wall > T-Wall East


This beautiful route is my favorite 5.8 that I've done at T-Wall. Follows a dihedral that angles left through a bunch of blocky roofs. You can't miss it.


This beautiful route is located about 150 feet to the right of the waterfall by Ruby Fruit Jungle and Sugar in the Raw. Perfect pro, perfect rock. Anchors are up and around the last corner pull.


Standard rack

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A look from ground with leaves
[Hide Photo] A look from ground with leaves
New climber on his first T-Wall route. Poor guy will never be able to go back to his old life now. Hooked!
[Hide Photo] New climber on his first T-Wall route. Poor guy will never be able to go back to his old life now. Hooked!
Art. Such a sweet climb!
[Hide Photo] Art. Such a sweet climb!
Right before the crux
[Hide Photo] Right before the crux
fun route
[Hide Photo] fun route
making some arty love with my knee
[Hide Photo] making some arty love with my knee

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Tony B
Around Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] One of my favorite T-wall moderates. Long, clean, and roofy without being hard. A great time was had by all! Mar 23, 2007
[Hide Comment] Sweet stuff, sometimes wet when it looks dry! Apr 1, 2007
[Hide Comment] really my favorite 5.8 at twall . a must do. great gear fun climbing. etc Dec 2, 2007
[Hide Comment] Hard to walk past the perfect warmup... Mar 2, 2009
Nick Stayner
Wymont Kingdom
[Hide Comment] ...except that it's wet all the time! Maybe I'm just a little bitter, but over 2 seasons of visiting the T Wall dozens of times during the winter, I never once found it dry! Mar 3, 2009
[Hide Comment] It actually sucks, Nick. Wet, dirty, loose, all that stuff. The whole 'Art' fetish is just a big conspiracy of sandbaggers trying to get other people to live the horror that they suffered through. Mar 13, 2009
Nick Stayner
Wymont Kingdom
[Hide Comment] I'm sure it's awesome! Just lamenting that I never got the chance to climb it. Mar 15, 2009
cshuey77 shuey
[Hide Comment] classic line if you catch it in the fall. May 27, 2010
Golden, Colorado
[Hide Comment] Whoever got that nut stuck about 20 ft below the anchors, thanks. I really appreciated the bomber gear. Sorry you lost your stopper though. Oct 13, 2010
Decatur, GA
[Hide Comment] Definitely one of T-Wall's finest 5.8s! Some interesting puzzles to solve along the way. An exciting lead! Nov 20, 2010
[Hide Comment] Be sure not to wonder out onto the face. The leader did this, and I followed him through his maze of run outs between marginal gear. Stay in the corner and stay safe. Although the face would be a rather exciting lead Feb 14, 2014
Preston Sparks
Augusta, GA
[Hide Comment] I think this rivals DirtBag for the T-Wall 5.8 test piece. A couple very committing sequences. Perfect gear. Jun 2, 2014
[Hide Comment] sooo goodÂ… Jan 5, 2015
[Hide Comment] Got a Purple LInk Cam stuck on this route. Will pay for shipping if you find it. Please send a message if you recover it. thanks! Nov 23, 2015
gblauer Blauer
Wayne, PA
[Hide Comment] Parker Kempf has your linkcam. Seemed like a totally nice guy, asked us if it was ours. I think he was more than willing to give it back.
PS I am the one who removed your purple nut of Passages.

This is Parker's profile… Nov 23, 2015
Steve Marshall
Concord NH
[Hide Comment] get on this climb at sunset. the entire corner glows an intense orange color. a very aesthetic line.

I remember one wet finger lock as the best option somewhere near the top but there were plenty of other options around, wouldn't say it detracted from the climb in the least. May 18, 2016