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Pete & Bob's

5.11-, Trad, 4 pitches,  Avg: 2 from 10 votes
FA: Peter Croff & Bob Stauch, '60s. FFA of P1 Steve Cheyney, '60s. FFA of P2 Bill Mummery & Mike Grey, '68. FFA of continuous climb Kurt Rasmussen, '73.
Colorado > Colorado Springs > Garden of the Gods > N Gateway Rock > W Face
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This is a classic old Garden route. Most people just climb the first pitch. Some loose rock will be encountered, but the moves and position are worthy. (Beware that the bottom right half of the pillar fell off many years ago after a large, 2-day rain storm. A similar event such as this could cause the collapse of the rest of the pillar.)

P1. Traverse left into the crack that forms the left side of the large pillar. Climb straight up past pitons and a couple steep moves to a nice traverse move right to the anchor atop the pillar. (5.9, 85 feet)

P2. Traverse right, then up for a few moves, then right again past many pins to a ledge with a tree. (5.11, 100 feet) -- A low variation to this traverse exists as well. FA by Peter Gallagher & Mack Johnson, '79. (5.10)

P3. Climb up through a bulge above the tree, passing a few pins, to gain the upper slab of North Gateway Rock. Continue to a belay near the top of a pillar-type feature. (5.9, 100 feet)

P4. Climb the slab above past a few pins to the top of the formation. This is the last pitch of Indecent Exposure. (5.6 R/X, 130 feet)

Descend from the summit by walking north along a huge ledge, then going east through a notch and down-climbing 10 feet on chopped steps, in order to access a big ledge on the east side of the formation. From there, walk south to access the Tourist Gully for the quickest and safest descent. Information taken from Mark Rolofson's Soft Touch 3 guide.


The route is located on the West face of North Gateway Rock, at the height of the path along the base of the cliff, and below a roof and right facing corner that were formed by the large rockfall that I mentioned in the description. This is right of Men at Work, and left of Horribly Heinous.


Quickdraws and a few cams from 1" to 5" will still leave you with some runouts on the first pitch but on easier climbing. The second pitch requires 11 or 12 quickdraws.

I added new webbing to the first pitch anchor yesterday, equalizing 2 pitons and one newer eyebolt, and thus eliminating the old steel cable American triangle. (The 2 eyebolts are not great, and the one that I did not include in the new webbing anchor is loose.)

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Pete and Bob's! Watch out, I constantly see flakes falling off this lower 20 ft.
[Hide Photo] Pete and Bob's! Watch out, I constantly see flakes falling off this lower 20 ft.
The West Face of North Gateway Rock, showing a handful of routes, as follows:<br>
A (yellow) = Borgoff's Blunder<br>
B (green) = Rainbow Bridge<br>
C (blue) = Men at Work<br>
D (turquoise) = Pete and Bob's<br>
E (purple) = Indecent Exposure<br>
Hope that helps.
[Hide Photo] The West Face of North Gateway Rock, showing a handful of routes, as follows: A (yellow) = Borgoff's Blunder B (green) = Rainbow Bridge C (blue) = Men at Work D (turquoise) = Pete and Bob's…

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[Hide Comment] Very, very, very sandy right now from all the sand and very little traffic this summer...still one of the Garden classics. Sep 25, 2008
Colorado Springs
[Hide Comment] As of 1/18/2011, the first pitch was very clean and not too sandy for Garden standards. Watch out for pigeons darting out of the flaring crack a ways below the anchors of p1. Jan 19, 2011
Colorado Springs
[Hide Comment] Went back to work this one with more daylight. P1 is so clean, and then as soon as you start P2 you are in for the classic dirty p2 of The Garden. We bailed after 7 or 8 pitons but want to give it another shot.

P1 I used a few cams to supplement the sparse pitons that would provide an R rating without. Jan 24, 2011
Colorado Springs
[Hide Comment] Hats off to you, mountainmicah83.

Did this route a couple years ago w/ Mr. Dunn and at pitch two watched the footholds crumble to dust as he passed each one, I was seriously thinking I'd like to have a couple daisies to clip pin to pin and just get that crap over with.

Post up when you finish p-2. I'd really like to see how it pans out.

cheers Sep 4, 2012
Jordan Hirro
Colorado Springs/Carbondale
[Hide Comment] Did this climb for the first time yesterday. It's fun, but crazily dirty and sandy. Also, we broke off numerous flakes at the start on the face, just to the right of the first bolt. Be careful, it's all still super loose. Another downside was toproping this route...the grooves on the shelf created by the rope sliding back in forth are very deep and like to catch your rope. I actually got stuck about halfway up because my belayer couldn't pull my slack - no fun. TIP: build an anchor that minimizes the rope dragging on the shelf, ideally hanging over it. Still a fun route though, recommended. Nov 10, 2012
[Hide Comment] VERY sandy right now. Just did the first pitch with a buddy today. He led it. I was on top rope and fell trying to get up the slightly overhanging crack (or at least it felt slightly overhanging to me. It was after the second piton I believe. Anyway, when I fell, my feet hit a ledge or something pretty hard due to rope stretch and a whole lot of rock came crashing down. I don't think it changed the climb too much, but I neglected to check thoroughly. Sorry if I unintentionally broke off a critical hold.

Also, I'm not sure if this is due to holds breaking off, but I would say that the first pitch is MUCH harder than a 5.9. I would not by any standards consider myself to be a great climber, but I've led quite a few 5.10s (sport) and found that the one part where I fell was more difficult than anything I have ever done before. Maybe I'm just terrible at this KIND of climb, but I think the first pitch should be rated harder than 5.9...unless, perhaps, you are pretty tall. Oct 13, 2013