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5.11+, Sport, 50 ft (15 m),  Avg: 2.9 from 141 votes
FA: Richard Rossiter
Colorado > Boulder > Boulder Canyon > Avalon > Second Tier > Clipboard Area
Access Issue: Seasonal Closure / 2021 Update - reopening Details


This is the leftmost route on the Clipboard. Immediately to its right is The Clipboard (11a). It is an excellent route with continuously engaging climbing past the last 3 bolts. This seems a soft touch for 12a. It would deserve another star if it were longer.


5-6 bolts to a 2 bolt anchor.

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Chairman of the Board.
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Jake Wyatt
Longmont, CO
[Hide Comment] Definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing lines at Avalon. Oct 28, 2003
Bruce Pech
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Interesting climbing on oddly textured rock. At least two letter grades harder than the adjacent Clipboard. Jun 24, 2004
Peter Beal
Boulder Colorado
[Hide Comment] Who cares about the rating? This route has some of the best rock in the canyon and if it were another 30 or 40 feet long would be among the best pitches of its kind on the Front Range. Pockets on bombproof granite, crux at the top=must-do route. Sep 26, 2004
[Hide Comment] Peter, It seems you care about the rating seeing as you down rated it. Sep 27, 2004
Peter Beal
Boulder Colorado
[Hide Comment] AC has a good point. I'll respond by saying that I merely gave an opinion without added comment such as "No way is this 12a". If I'm outvoted I'm fine with that. I'm still saying that no matter what the grade, this route is well worth climbing by anyone who makes the hike. I'll add that I had a much harder time with the route to the right, to the contrary of most posted opinion. Sep 27, 2004
[Hide Comment] Great [climbing], interesting moves, sequence is key. Like Clipboard, if it were twice as long, it would be an area destination. Maybe rope up and fire them back to back for a 80' of great rock and moves. The grade however... I can rarely flash 5.12. 11d is hard for me and it should feel really hard. I should have more trouble than this with torn ligamnets and an [immobilized] left ankle... I almost would say 11b, but maybe the splint makes it easier to front-point small holds? 11c seemed like a maximum. Jul 27, 2005
[Hide Comment] Young Doug...Whew! This felt a lot steeper when I got on it vs. standing at the bottom and looking up! Ha Ha! Just skip the last bolt, and throw for the Thank God ledge! Nothing up here is as necky as their neighbors 8-miles south...Perhaps serious thought needs to be given to the grading bar that is Eldo...Lumpy..etc. My 2-cents..thanks for listening..or not. Sep 23, 2005
[Hide Comment] For what it's worth, I found this considerably harder than Freefall. But I guess that only goes to show that I have crappy footwork, or something. I do agree with the above comments about the quality though. The rock is some of the more interesting rock found in Boulder Canyon. Apr 17, 2006
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Be wary of the 3rd bolt. High possibility of decking trying to clip it. Jun 22, 2007
John mac
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Would be a classic if it were longer. Very different from any other route in BC that I have been on. Jun 12, 2009
[Hide Comment] Would be a classic if it were longer, great for a first 'difficult' slab lead. Sep 5, 2013
Bat Masterson
Red Rock, AZ
[Hide Comment] Size isn't everything.... Aug 7, 2016
Christoph von Ruexleben
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Short but really really good rock and cool movement. Worth doing without a doubt. Aug 26, 2021