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5.0, Trad, 600 ft, 6 pitches,  Avg: 3.1 from 640 votes
FA: unknown
Colorado > Boulder > Flatirons > North > Second Flatiron
Access Issue: Temporary Trail and Raptor Closures Details


This route was one of the first that I did in the Flatirons. It was the first that I did unroped. I've climbed it more than any other route in the Flatirons. It hardly ever sees traffic, you step off a trail onto the route, you step off the top of the route onto another trail, and the climbing is easy and sometimes unique. For all of these reasons, this route is one of my favorites in the Flatirons. Difficulty snobs will want to stay away.

The approach to the 2nd is described on its Rock page. At the bottom of the 2nd, step off the trail and onto the rock. The first crux is negotiating a slight bulge with a crack. From there, the easiest way trends right a bit, then back left aiming for the gully. Follow the holds... Step right onto the rib, and head for an obvious tree. Keep heading up and slightly right over easier rock. The obvious Pulman Car will be looming above you to the left. Soon, you will be on a small summit, with a notch between you and the rest of the route. Jump! It's not as hard as it looks.

Continue treading up and right. You will intersect the north edge of the 2nd. The route finding crux of the route is here where you need to find the spot to step around onto to the north to reach the final slab up to the top of the route. Negotiate the final slab, and step off onto the trail between the 1st and 2nd Flatirons.



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The route illuminated by headlamp. Climbers: Asa D., Kate S., and myself.
[Hide Photo] The route illuminated by headlamp. Climbers: Asa D., Kate S., and myself.
Sunrise on the 2nd.
[Hide Photo] Sunrise on the 2nd.
Aidan, top of the second.
[Hide Photo] Aidan, top of the second.
Diving Board Tayne.
[Hide Photo] Diving Board Tayne.
General directions for Freeway. There's a lot of options with how wide it is. Generally though, just stay going straight up until you notice a rightward direction as there's a gully to the left. Keep following that until you find the leap of faith. Click 'View full size' for the image, to make seeing any of the text possible.
[Hide Photo] General directions for Freeway. There's a lot of options with how wide it is. Generally though, just stay going straight up until you notice a rightward direction as there's a gully to the left. Ke…
Allison Bell on her first multi-pitch climb.
[Hide Photo] Allison Bell on her first multi-pitch climb.
Nick showing perfect form at the jump.<br>
Photo: David Houston.
[Hide Photo] Nick showing perfect form at the jump. Photo: David Houston.
Catching some air on the infamous Freeway jump.
[Hide Photo] Catching some air on the infamous Freeway jump.
Steff Carter on the Second Flatiron.
[Hide Photo] Steff Carter on the Second Flatiron.
[Hide Photo] The JUMP.
Dayna showing how much more intimidating you can make it look if you shoot it right (in order to terrify family members...).
[Hide Photo] Dayna showing how much more intimidating you can make it look if you shoot it right (in order to terrify family members...).
ML and T on the 5th pitch.
[Hide Photo] ML and T on the 5th pitch.

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Longmont, CO
[Hide Comment] (5.5 Sectors) Just walk up and climb. Can you lead 5.10 sport?? If so, then you can have a blast free-soloing this Flat. No prior climbing here is needed. You have the ability to hike up along the right side, so traversing to safty is always easy. Me and my buddy ChrisT have been running it a bunch and we're starting to lable the face in sectors starting from right to left. The first time we climbed about 10-20' off the ground which eliminated the fear factor (Sector A). About half way up Sector A you'll hit a nice pillar that'll have no foot holds but underclings on both sides of it. Really fun! Everywhere you look theres different ramps to take. Running from sector to sector eventually hitting the last pitch, what we're calling the "Final Sector", which is accessed by crossing the gully, cruizing though the "Trees of Love", and taking the final pitch of crack to the tree/trail. It fully fulfills me. heheMy friend ChrisT said to me while we were climbing it, "These holds are too big.", and I said, "Its not that they're to big, they're to Good! Have fun on the Sectors. Nov 10, 2001
[Hide Comment] This is an awesome climb. I got engaged on it last weekend! I was proposed to just after the big jump (a leap of faith if you will). I recommend the climb to any budding lovers..... Aug 1, 2002
[Hide Comment] This was my very first rock climb (did it a few years ago). went up with a friend who wanted to go "hiking", who had done this climb before and we freesoloed it in tennis shoes (you definitely do not need rock shoes---but i guess you could bring them on your first trip if noone knows the route). it was a totally awesome experience which got me hooked to climbing. i run up this thing with non-climbing friends at least once a year. pure fun, pound down some water at the trail head, and bring nothing with you like a back pack to annoy can run up this thing in 15 minutes when you know the way---note you will not summit, you exit off a tree to the left (not the exposed tree on the right, keep climbing up) some ways above the exciting jump. hike up to the trail to get to the last 25 feet of climbing to the summit (also easy, but exposed).....downcliming it and go home and BBQ Feb 27, 2003
George Bell
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] There is really only one place to finish this climb, which from the trail is a notch with a large tree in it. You will be tempted to exit to the trail when you first reach the north edge, but this is not easy due to a 10' overhang right over a dead-end offshoot of the trail (which can be downclimbed, but is the hardest move on the entire climb). Alternatively, keep going up the edge of the N Arete and you will find the easy spot to get to the trail. It's the highest possible place to exit (below the summit block). Apr 27, 2004
George Bell
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] I'd estimate this climb is 5-6 pitches long with a 60m rope. There isn't a whole lot of gear. A rack to 2 inches would be fine. Might not be a great first lead as you have to run it out 50' a lot.

This is a good climb to introduce kids to climbing, because you walk off the back down a trail (no rappelling required). The "jump" in the middle, however, may not be easy for kids. We belayed my daughter from both ends and Tyroleaned her across the gap! Jan 13, 2006
John M Brooks
Niwot, CO
[Hide Comment] Rope-soloed first three 60m pitches to the gully. Pro available but after long runouts. Free-soloed remainder of route up gully, trees, jump, and summits. The Jump was a bit much given carrying gear, pack, & rope. The Trees of Love (refer to another pic) was the toughest move of the route, and the last 20 ft. up the crack corner/dihedral were harder than the avg rating. Lots of rock to grab! Nov 18, 2007
Richard Radcliffe
Louisville, CO
[Hide Comment] John, that must have been you I met about half way up -- I was soloing. What a great climb! An infinite number of variations, all excellent for the grade. The wind really picked up near the top, making a solo adventure a bit more exciting. Nov 22, 2007
Jimn Seiler
North Platte, NE
[Hide Comment] You can bail off this route (if need) be in a matter of 40 seconds from almost any given spot which makes this a great place for shaky first timers. Jan 27, 2008
Adam Kagy
Victor, ID
[Hide Comment] Overall a very fun climb...rated at a 5.4 in a few guidebooks I've seen. Climbed this on 6/22/08. In my opinion the hardest pitches were the first and last pitches. Once on the ridge it's pretty much a class 4 scramble up to the leap. After that we climbed a few mini pitches to the walk off point to reduce rope drag. I though the last pitch was harder than a 5.0, but lots of cracks and good pro. Jun 22, 2008
Shawn Mitchell
  5.2 R
[Hide Comment] Puffery: My car to car PR (well, trashcan to trashcan at the gap in the fence leaving the corner of the parking lot and starting the trail) is 47:27. Any challengers? (Update July '09: 46 minutes.) May 4, 2009
Phil Lauffen
Innsbruck, AT
[Hide Comment] I'll take that challenge. The question is: where is the top? Where you can get back on the trail? May 4, 2009
Shawn Mitchell
  5.2 R
[Hide Comment] Yes...the notch with the large tree, just below the final summit. May 15, 2009
Gary Schmidt
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] A real fun after work work-out is to solo this route and then move over to Atalanta on the First, downclimb off the back of the first and than down to your car. Such a fun tour. How lucky to have this kind of stuff so available. May 24, 2009
Mark Roth
[Hide Comment] An hour ago I was sitting here drinking coffee and looking at MP, as I usually do... After reading Mitchell's challenge, I decided what the hell. I got a good time and maybe a heat stroke. Felt like an idiot sprinting past tourists on the trail. Now I'm back for my 2nd cup like nothing ever happened. Except for the sore legs and sweaty clothes... Jun 26, 2009
Randy Carmichael
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] I jumped off the right side of the point landing on smoother slabby stuff. I was happy to have the sticky rubber on. Jul 6, 2009
Phil Lauffen
Innsbruck, AT
[Hide Comment] I got 39:43 Shawn. and I feel like someone ran me over. The entire time I was sure I was half an hour behind you so I was hauling. I did the entire thing in La Sportiva tennis shoes. I'm sure I looked real sketch when I tried to run up the first 15 feet and had to fall back to the ground and start over. Aug 12, 2009
Shawn Mitchell
  5.2 R
[Hide Comment] The Empire Strikes Back, young SkyLauffen: 38:09.

It looks like I'm fudging now or wasn't trying before. But that's the true time and I always felt like I was trying. It saved several minutes to run straight through without changing shoes at bottom and top. Beyond that, I guess you inspired me! Aug 15, 2009
Mark Roth
[Hide Comment] 36:44 huh, Josh? Does it count since you fell? Aug 20, 2009
Longmont, CO
[Hide Comment] My Spring Ascent! Paradise again...… Mar 2, 2010
Jason Isherwood
[Hide Comment] This is one of my favorite rock climbs ever! I usually solo it a handful of times each year and if you want to rope up it is great for practice placing gear. I have found hexes very useful. The "steep" crack on the final pitch is amazing (I would rate it at 5.6) - the rest of the climb seems to be right around 5th class. May 28, 2010
[Hide Comment] Just follow the trees in general, and you will have a great time without a rope. The rock is super rough and makes for very positive feet the whole way. Oct 8, 2010
Adam McFarren
Boulder, Colorado
[Hide Comment] Sort video of climbing Freeway in mid-June. Jun 12, 2011
[Hide Comment] This is the first climb I did in the Flatirons. Roach rates it as 4th class, so I left the rope behind for my first free solo. Maybe it was because I was sans rope, but this didn't feel like 4th class climbing. I'm not sure how ratings go in the Flatirons, but as a 5.10-11 leader, while still very easy, this felt more like 5.4. Not to be a buzzkill, but I would caution anyone bringing their "non-climbing friends" up this to remember that a fall would still be extremely serious. That said this is a fun climb, I highly recommend climbing the west face to the summit, even though it's awkward, great views. Mar 28, 2012
Eric Carlos
[Hide Comment] Did the solo for the first time two weeks ago. What an amazing climb. Last Friday, Apr 6th, was inspired to do a car to car time - 47:24. Today, 41:52. Goal is sub-40 minutes, but I lose about three minutes total in changeover at top and bottom with climbing shoes. I need approach shoes to compete with the big boys. Apr 13, 2012
CJ Coccia
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] Did this for my first solo on Wednesday! Great route with some fun moves. I ended getting a bit off route in a few sections and had to make some 5.5/5.6 ish moves which I wasn't too proud of for a first solo. For first timers, my suggestion is to fight the tendency to want to move right. Ended up missing the jump and came out just right of it. Watch out for false summits, and make sure to be more to the left towards the summit or you will get stuck in a corner about 10-15 feet above the trail that you will have to downclimb to get back on track. The last slabby crack section to get to the top was the jewel of the whole route! This section will bring me back! May 10, 2012
Scott McMahon
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] NOTE!!! The flake right through the Trees of Love is loose! It might have been that way forever, but I don't remember it flexing when I pulled on it before. I didn't X it, since I wasn't using chalk. May 14, 2012
[Hide Comment] Just to clarify a bit regarding the approach, there's a trail junction where one can go either left or right to hike the 1st-2nd Flatiron trail. To get the the bottom of the 2nd, to do say, the Freeway, take the left hand fork. I.e. hike the 1st-2nd Flatiron in a clockwise direction. If one goes right, there is also a spot where it's possible to "step off the trail and onto the rock" and it looks quite like the posted pics. FYI.

Roger Spaulding

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself
is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength
mastering yourself is true power.

- Lao Tzu Nov 20, 2012
Greg Nidy
Westminster, CO
[Hide Comment] This was my second climbing outing and first full "summit". Climbing with an experienced friend, we decided to turn this into a full morning "training exercise".

First, this is great rock. Not too polished, certainly lots of holds, and plenty of space for a "newbie" to learn - either soloing or roping.

We roped this course, my partner in the lead. This was a 3-pitch climb for us. The first pitch was by far the most difficult (5.3-5.4?). After reaching a good spot, we moved onto some additional lessons in the belay process. After completing our second pitch (much more enjoyable views and rock), we decided to simul-climb. This rock face was by far the most fun I have had on any climb (so far). While plenty of people passed by soloing, I found every climber to be courteous, interested, conversational, and friendly. Any climber should spend an hour or two on this rock.

An easy hike in, simple climb up, lots of space - great reminder of why climb! Aug 23, 2013
Stefan Griebel
Boulder, Colorado
[Hide Comment] Just a fun, speed scrambling update on this route for anyone who cares about this stuff - probably not many. The new FKT (fastest known time) is now just a hair under 33 minutes by Dave Mackey on Nov. 2, 2013. This was running in via Bluebell Rd. and 3rd Flatiron trail, then running out the 1st Flatiron / Chautauqua trail for a fantastic scramble loop. I was about 4 seconds back... :-) Nov 13, 2013
[Hide Comment] Nice job on the speed ascent, Dave and Stephan. What were your splits if you have them? Up the trail to climb, the climb, and the descent? Nov 14, 2013
Charles Truslow
[Hide Comment] One of my favorite climbs in the Flatirons this far. I have never done it roped and have never seen the need to. Don't worry about starting in the right place. Pick a place and go, it's all good, easy climbing. If you stumble across a more difficult looking section, there always seems to be a way around it. I've found it usually takes about 20 minutes or so to climb solo if doing so carefully. It's great fun, and I've found that it's a nice way to start the day before work. Almost anywhere at the base funnels you to the jump unless you do something retarded. As long as you are going up, you're good. It's hard to grade easy climbing, so let's put it this way: the holds are ALWAYS there, albeit a little thin at times. Such a good time though. The first time I did it solo it felt a little spicy. Since then it has just become a nice, fun form of meditation requiring some focus but nothing too serious. There are nice big ledges every couple hundred feet which are comforting to be climbing above. Roping up would be fine too, just slower, but a great place to take beginners! If you are going to solo it, as with anything solo, this is an exercise in commitment. If you feel uncertain beyond reasonable comfort about your capacities here (either physical or mental), rope up for the first time, bailing isn't always so easy. Expect to make new friends if doing during "normal" hours! Jun 27, 2014
Hanson Smith
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] This morning I did the Second via Freeway from Chautauqua to Chautauqua in 31:24. For those interested, my splits were 14:40 to the base and 20:20 to the end of Freeway. Unfortunately, I had to be that jerk that constantly yells "On your left!" Stefan and Dave thanks for posting your time, it was awesome to have that as a motivator. Aug 31, 2014
Stefan Griebel
Boulder, Colorado
[Hide Comment] Awesome, Hanson! 5m40s is a killer-fast split for the route, the FKT for sure! My best is still over 7 minutes. Thanks for posting your time - gives me some motivation to go chase it... :-) Sep 17, 2014
[Hide Comment] What's the easiest way to get to the real summit without a rope?
I soloed the route up to where it joins the trail, below and to the right of the summit, but couldn't quite identify the rest of the route to the top.
Thanks! Aug 21, 2015
Hanson Smith
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Hey y'all,
It has come to my attention that last fall when I was running the Second Flatiron a lot, I wasn't actually running Freeway. I would run from Chautauqua up the 1st/2nd Flatirons trail until I could easily step off the trail and onto the 2nd. This is immediately before the part of the trail that goes up a rock with cut steps. I would then run up Freeway until the obvious end of the route that is also really close to the trail. When all was said and done, this culminated in a 30:09 trailhead to trailhead effort. Sorry for the confusion. I really didn't know I was starting the route late until I got the PM from Darren. Out of curiosity, where does one cut off the trail to do the real Freeway?

LuisC, if you hike up the trail to the saddle between the first and second, you can do some relatively easy, high consequence bouldering to the summit of the second. As far as I know, this is the easiest way. Sep 16, 2015
Long Ranger
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] LuisC, one option is Free For All @ 5.6.…

The Pullman Car on the second makes it difficult to climb the Second, like you can the First and the Third. Pulling over the Pullman Car would be a pretty heady solo for sure. (~5.9+) Sep 22, 2015
[Hide Comment] Someone told me about a week ago that, after Hanson's hiccup, I supposedly have the car-to-car FKT for Freeway. It didn't seem like a great effort, and I'm not even a very good scrambler, but gotta love low-hanging fruit! So 31:48 if anyone wants to go for it. Hopefully it's not actually the fastest time; I'm sure Cordis could blow it out of the water if he felt like it.… Nov 19, 2015
Ryan Giblett
Boulder, Colorado
[Hide Comment] I met a man named Cody who was tripping acid soloing this route during the blood moon in socks...with a beer in his left hand. It was subsequently dropped down the route. Be wary of the blood moon. Dec 25, 2015
Paul Deger
[Hide Comment] I agree this is a great route for new leads to practice multi-pitch with some pro placement, rope management, and exposure - easy climbing with serious run-outs, but never feels dicey. 1st and 5th pitch (soloed the last pitch up and to the left) the most challenging (but never anxiety provoking). Be ready for lots of solo traffic passing through. Depending upon the pro placement, can have some serious rope drag. Rock tends to be solid and grippy, almost always an easy to spot for foot or bucket. Third pitch has some questionable flacks for placement but otherwise takes takes pro well. Mar 6, 2016
Jason Killgore
boulder, co
[Hide Comment] Felt motivated after work, so a Freeway quicky seemed in order. Came through just under 29'. I can't run downhill, so a better runner could surely go faster. Mar 9, 2016
[Hide Comment] I can best describe this route as a hike for climbers and a climb for hikers. It wasn't bad, but there are certainly far better routes around the Flatirons. Mar 30, 2016
[Hide Comment] Ran up this today. I don't solo climb at all, so it was a fun, novel experience to be without a rope. The "crux" here is definitely the little bulge about 40-50 vertical feet off the deck. Felt maybe 5.3, to me, but who knows? We also went to the tippy-top of the Second (go up the trail for about 150 ft. after the the Freeway ends, and there's a little weakness on the back side of the summit that you can get up at about 5.5.)

Ideal footwear would be an approach shoe that climbs well. We all did it in regular climbing shoes. Wouldn't be keen in tennis shoes, but I'm not exactly Alex Honnlove when it comes to solo climbing. Apr 23, 2016
[Hide Comment] Went for a quick lap yester-evening and came in about 27:44 for the car-to-car route. Given this is Boulder, I expect this to be broken within 30 days. Jun 8, 2016
Long Ranger
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] I'm a little sad the tongue near the initial bulge is much shorter than it used to be. That was a nice piece of rock to grab, to bring you up to the bulge. Jun 25, 2016
Jeff Montgomery
[Hide Comment] Thoughts on this route from the standpoint of someone who is currently a 3rd/easy 4th class climber:

If you find the center line from the trail intimidating, you can climb the rock rib on the right among the trees up to more textured slab, and then work your way left up to the main ridge. This is a deviation from the standard route, but I was able to climb the rest of it at what I would say was mostly 3rd class. If you pick your lines carefully, the difficulty level is amazingly consistent.

The jump: I walked out onto the prominence and just jumped without stopping and thinking about it, because it wasn't that far. If you're used to trail running on/over boulders, it will come pretty naturally. I think the landing also has a slightly shallower angle than the overall slab. I had Vibram Megagrip soles, which helped.

The last rock at the top: as mentioned in Roach's book, the logical line leaves you at the top edge of the Flatiron at a point where getting down would be difficult. To the left is one more rock to overcome before you get to the trail, and I wondered if this would be difficult before I tried the route. Getting up onto the last rock was a little steeper than the rest of the route, but the holds are good. The only difference is one of the holds was a slightly downsloping crack instead of the great knobby holds on the rest of the route, and it took me a minute to figure out a secure hold. After that, the knobby holds return and you scramble off over to hiking territory. Sep 12, 2016
Victor K
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] I've been soloing Freeway a bit this year and climbed it with gear for the first time last weekend, taking up a new climber. This is a very good route for sport climbers who want to practice multi-pitch trad techniques. I was expecting to have a very run out climb, but there are numerous good placements. With a 70m rope, we did the climb in 5 pitches. Because the climbing is wide open, soloists can pass nearly anywhere.

P1 takes you a full rope length (230') to a ledge about 20' below the first tree. Have the second climb past the belay on easy terrain to the tree ledge and transfer the belay for P2 to there, 250'.

P2 follows the large groove (right-facing dihedral) to the ledge at the top of the leftmost arete, 210'.

P3 follows the left arete to below the jump. Belay the second up, make the jump (or downclimb the notch), and transfer the belay to the ledge below and south, 210'.

P4 follow the right-facing diheral to the face above. Make the the step around at the false summit, and belay at the tree. Courtesy note - this is a busy spot, and the belay needs to be kept out of the way of soloists. This is a place where you can be a PITA to un-roped climbers, 200'.

P5 cross the gully, surmount the arete, gain the finger crack, and move up and left to exit the climb.

Gear - big stoppers (size 5-10), full range of cams down to a red x4.

Tip 1 - consider racking off your harness, as a shoulder harness dangles and obscures your view of your feet.

Tip 2 - be courteous. Everyone else is soloing. Oct 17, 2016
crackatoa Spiesbach
  Easy 5th
[Hide Comment] I did it. I soloed this last week and somehow missed the idea how as the previous two times I hit it .and I was pretty sure I was going the same way... hmm I'm an idiot...oh well still super fun. Nov 9, 2016
George Bell
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] It is poignant that this route was added by Mike Sofranko, who died at Happy Hour Crag the following year (2002). You can read this by clicking on his name. I never met Mike, but I did have some email conversations with him. He always showed great enthusiasm and love for climbing, no matter the grade. Dec 9, 2016
Long Ranger
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Has anyone done this hands-free? I'm still working out the step around after the diving board and the last pitch where the small tree grows out of the crack. For the former, I could perchance jump straight off the top; the latter, I could maybe follow the crack to the right of the tree.

Dodge Block may be easier to hands-free it, as it doesn't have either of these (hmm!). Apr 23, 2018
[Hide Comment] I've read that Roach rated this 4th Class. Having done Torrey's via Kelso Ridge, I'm inclined to agree it's not 5th Class, though there are a couple of spots to be careful of your first time out. May 27, 2018
Jake DiSanto
La Mirada, California
[Hide Comment] Does anyone know the car-to-car FKT on this? Jun 6, 2018
Eli Zabielski
Boulder, CO
  Easy 5th
[Hide Comment] Jake, looks like it's 26:58 by Jason Killgore. This is the Strava segment:… Jun 7, 2018
Kirsten KDog
[Hide Comment] Great solo! I'd say 5.2. The first 100 feet or so seemed to be the crux - I stayed a bit left. I cringe-watched a couple in tennis shoes who clearly weren't climbers thankfully downclimb and leave after about the first 20 feet (YIKES.) After that, pretty cruiser. If you just follow the natural line, you'll trend kind of up & left and get deposited to the 'jump' (which I beach-whale downclimbed.) As for the easiest exit, just keep climbing until you really can't climb anymore---it'll deposit you on a short easy slab near some trees right off the side of the trail. I'm not usually in to solos, but this was FUN! Jun 26, 2018
Long Ranger
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] There's a curious new sign at the base warning wayward climbers to be prepared to climb the Flatiron. I find it makes a good foreground subject while filming the daily sh*tshow of completely unprepared climbers who quest upon the formation itself. Jul 17, 2018
Eli Zabielski
Boulder, CO
  Easy 5th
[Hide Comment] Last Sunday there was a kid who appeared to be on drugs trying to rock the sign out of the ground. He was hypnotized by the rocking motion. He failed to get it out though.

I think it's funny the sign says something like "consider not bringing your dog," which is funny, because one afternoon I saw a guy off on the right side, holding his dog in his arm, facetiming in the other arm, walking down the flakes on the right side near the base. It was amazing. Jul 25, 2018
Long Ranger
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] My submission to the Freeway Tallest Dwarf Competition: 20 laps in a row in 16 hours:…. Sep 11, 2018