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Ten-Digit Dialing

5.12c, Sport,  Avg: 3.6 from 275 votes
FA: Alan Nelson, October 8, 1998
Colorado > Golden > Clear Creek Canyon > Wall of the '90s
Access Issue: Seasonal Raptor Closures & Rockfall Mitigation Project - Completed Details


If you like thin face climbing that utilizes balance and sequence, then this route is for you. It begins with the same first bolt as Reefer Madness and continues left through some tricky 5.11 climbing. Rest at the ledge and continue through the final 3 bolt crux. The beta is incredibly fun to work out and the climb has good clipping stances. The guidebook says 5.12d/13a, but Nate Weitzel and I felt that it wasn't quite that difficult.


Standard sport. 7 bolts to a 2 bolt anchor.

Per Dylan Cousins: the bolts upgraded to 1/2" stainless steel on July 20, 2016, hardware courtesy of the ASCA.

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Setting up for the crux. Thanks for the photo, Jimmy!
[Hide Photo] Setting up for the crux. Thanks for the photo, Jimmy!
My buddy Rob working the crux.
[Hide Photo] My buddy Rob working the crux.
Tall beta.
[Hide Photo] Tall beta.
The crux.
[Hide Photo] The crux.
Ten Digit Dialing.
[Hide Photo] Ten Digit Dialing.
Tyson Ferryman beating TDD into submission.
[Hide Photo] Tyson Ferryman beating TDD into submission.
Darren on the wonderful opening moves of TDD.
[Hide Photo] Darren on the wonderful opening moves of TDD.
Jeff in the early part of the crux sequence.
[Hide Photo] Jeff in the early part of the crux sequence.
Jeff going for the good horn before the crux.
[Hide Photo] Jeff going for the good horn before the crux.
Visiting Red River Gorge local Chaz Ott crushing on a cold ass December day! Nice work on putting this thing down very fast....
[Hide Photo] Visiting Red River Gorge local Chaz Ott crushing on a cold ass December day! Nice work on putting this thing down very fast....
Unusual but fun climbing guards the boulder problem.
[Hide Photo] Unusual but fun climbing guards the boulder problem.
Great opening moves.
[Hide Photo] Great opening moves.

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Richard M. Wright
Lakewood, CO
[Hide Comment] After a certain point and after a certain number of burns through a route, there comes a point when one justifiably owns a route, and now I own Ten Digit Dialing. Just as QS says, working out the beta on this route is a kick, albeit sometimes frustrating. I won't give it away, but the kicker on this ever so slightly past vertical route lies in figuring out how to dial in the feet and keep them working through the crimps that comprise the crux. This is a brilliant route on which the climbing just gets harder and harder with every move up the wall. Worth ten stars on a three star scale. Three cheers to Alan Nelson for this one, seriously. May 24, 2001
Richard M. Wright
Lakewood, CO
[Hide Comment] Without being too patronizing, I would not ascribe old, fat, weak, out of shape..... etc, etc, to the first ascensionist of Ten Digit Dialing. In fact, reference to approximately 30 years of climbing experience should add something to one's qualification to grade a route. And this Alan Nelson has. For TDD, I'll offer no personal opinion here, however, consensus grading seems to be one of the final arbitors for establishing a grade. Another arbitor is reference to a "Gold Standard" for the grade, in the area. As far as Clear Creek is concerned: Is TDD easier than Twitch? Is it harder than Anarchitect? Is it on par with Evil? What I will offer is that TDD has at least one move harder than Battle's End, which we call 5.12c and that seems to be well accepted. Down-grading by strong, young bloods should be taken with a grain of salt. I've climbed with some of these guys, and many are so strong now that most 5.12 comes very easy. Let's say that no matter how young and strong you are, a "Gold Standard" is the inviolate reference point. So think about the reference point when picking the grade, and remember: it's okay to get better, but getting better doesn't mean that a route has gotten easier. Jun 13, 2001
[Hide Comment] In regard to the above discussion on grading in Clear Creek, and especially TDD, I would have to agree with the concept of using Gold Standard routes to compare moves. I have tried many of the Clear Creek 12d's and 13a's, as well as having completed a number of the 12c's in the canyon. My opinion of the grade is based on these routes, and I would reference Twitch in particular. Twitch is very similar to TDD, although the crux moves are on slightly smaller holds. For this reason alone, TDD seems to be 12c, although definitely a hard 12c. Also, compare TDD to Sucking my will to live at the Primo Wall. I found Sucking to be more challenging and powerful, and it is another 5.12c.

I agree with Quinn and would love to applaud both Alan Nelson and Richard Wright for so many phenomenal routes in CCC, and thank them for all their hard work. I also respect the right of the first ascentionist to give a grade, but this grade needs to be worked out with the climbing community to establish the final grade. This happens with all good routes over time, the grade often changes a bit as more people figure it out. One other comment is that the grade should be accurate to give people who are aspiring to certain climbing levels a realistic feel for that grade. I have been quite disappointed in the past by trying routes in many areas that I put on my goal list, only to find the grade to be easier than stated. This can give people a false sense of security, which can be a dangerous thing.

Finally, even though I am a younger climber, I am definitely not a young gun who warms up on 13a. It has taken me 8+ years to be able to even try some of these routes that we are discussing, so I feel justified in giving my opinion on the grades. Jul 12, 2001
[Hide Comment] A very good route about which I am very happy for careful and thinking Flash. Good moves to start with much harder finger moves near end, but route is very short so power is not very great. Having long reach in crux makes move to left not so hard as for the shorter person. Aug 9, 2001
Alex Shainman
Las Vegas, NV
[Hide Comment] This is an excellent route!! Great rock, well bolted, cool moves, the best line on the wall (one of the better new lines in CCC)...Not at all the grade given in the guide (12d/13a)... Realistically felt only 12b (but I'm 6') it to something in Eldo. Inflated grades are taking over the Front Range, since the mid '90s!!! It's way more proud to grade new (sport) routes according to the standards of the early '90s and before.... Aug 16, 2001
Peter Beal
Boulder Colorado
[Hide Comment] Having flashed this route, I have to say that comparing it with its neighbor, Reefer Madness, there is no single move on the 5.12 harder than the crux of the "11a". This doesn't make TDD easier but makes me wonder about Reefer Madness. Aug 28, 2001
[Hide Comment] This is a stellar route, but I'll eat my shorts if it's 13a. My best guess would be that it'd rate 12b or maybe b/c at an older area like Shelf. I haven't really climbed in 2 years, and I came within a hang of flashing it this weekend, meaning that it can't possibly be that hard ('cause I ain't that good!)

One of my favorite routes a Clear Creek! 10 stars on a 3 star scale sounds about right! Sep 4, 2001
[Hide Comment] 5.12c - Not a bad little onsight Aug 19, 2002
[Hide Comment] I would go with 12c, but I think calling it any easier than that is just serious sandbagging. Aug 20, 2002
[Hide Comment] Phenomenal. Oct 2, 2002
Joe Collins
[Hide Comment] This is the best sport pitch I've climbed thus far in Clear Creek! Unless I've gotten much better this winter, I agree with the above comments regarding the inaccurate guidebook rating of 12d/13a. Its probably more like 12c, and not a particular stout one at that.

Best sport pitch I've done in Clear Creek (caveat: I have not tried Anarchitecht or Sonic Youth).

fair to middlin' 12c Mar 17, 2003
[Hide Comment] I think what people need to keep in mind is that the shorter you are the more difficult the crux is on this route. I did the route with someone only a few inches taller than me and watched him reach through the crux holds using the same solid good feet, whereas I had to move my feet twice onto much less desired footholds.

Having said that, I did TDD 2 years ago on my 2 try. While it didnt feel 13a for me, I would give it 12c/d based on the single hard move. Sucking my will to live is more sustained, but TDD has a harder move. Its a stellar route whatever the grade is!

Kathleen Staffa - (too lazy to register) Apr 25, 2003
[Hide Comment] I would have to say that height is not really a factor on this route. 12d at Smith took me two weeks, TDD took me three tries on the same day, and I am only 5'6 and I pretty much suck at sport climbing. 12c seems good but maybe a little generous. Would love it it if were 13a. Great route fun moves. Jun 14, 2003
[Hide Comment] Climbed this thing today, so I wanted to log on to see what people said about the route. Imagine my disappointment to find nothing but a bunch of insecure pussies trying to boost their own egos by spraying about how easy they found this route. What about "great job, Alan, thanks for putting in the time and effort to bolt such a fun route" or "is there a better way to reach the sidepull than popping into an undercling on the triangular horn" or anything anyone cares about other than all the bitching about ratings. Wankers... Jul 3, 2003
Area Dan
Oakland, CA
[Hide Comment] I got on this route today- perfect weather. I must say it is really one of the highest quality pitches I have ever been on. I don't know and don't care about the grade, but thanks for bolting this masterpiece. Now I just have to go back and link it up to the bird Oct 12, 2003
[Hide Comment] Another 100' of this would make my shorts wet... Hmm... wet shorts...

Ratings be damned, it is one of the best routes in the park. Sequential, dynamic, 3-bolt crux. 'Git on it!! Oct 13, 2003
[Hide Comment] Alan, I think this is a really good line (and well bolted) but there is no way it's 13a. Just because this climb took you a certain number of tries does not necessarily mean that it is a certain grade. Different climbs favor different people. I got this route on my second try in the middle of summer whereas Anarchitect took more than five days of work over the course of a month. I usually dont redpoint 12c on my second try but favor crimps over slopers and power over endurance so 12c seems reasonable. Oct 17, 2003
Darren Mabe
Flagstaff, AZ
[Hide Comment] Great fun. I was expecting the start to be more difficult than it is, from all the hype this little route gets. The crux is certainly no harder than 12c. Probably the biggest crux is deciphering the most efficient sequence, as every available feature, edge, bump, and crimp, are chalked and ticked!

Plenty of good rests before the crux, great clipping stances. Aug 15, 2005
Wyatt Payne
Littleton CO
[Hide Comment] This is one of my favorite routes in the canyon. Definitely a good one to repeat. I jumped on it today and noticed that the crux is easier. A sloping side pull has mysteriously become quite positive. I'm afraid someone has chipped it, and want to know if anyone else has noticed this. I was definitely bummed. I'd like to think climbers are more respectful. Let me know what's up. Sep 18, 2005
[Hide Comment] I just recently had my draws stolen off Ten Digit Dialing, like in the past 4 or 5 days. Does anyone know anything that could help me get them back? I really need them. I won't be pissed off. I just want them back. Thanks. Oct 2, 2006
[Hide Comment] God I love this place! The only problem is what the hell happened to it. It's like I move away and now the whole Golden Cliffs crowed has moved in. Funny story, I watched like ten different climbers get on TDD this weekend. They all lowered off and down graded it. Best part was not a single one sent the dam thing. No wonder grades are so out of WHACK! Everyone that has sent it, is pretty set on 12c, however, pulling on a draw must to make it soft for the grade.... LOL. Oct 7, 2007
Sam Benedict
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] I hate this climb with all my heart. It is a fine route...for me to poop on. Mar 27, 2008
doug rouse
Denver, CO.
[Hide Comment] 5.12b--I guess I will open my yap on this one as well. First I need to say that I usually do not contribute to public spray, and that I thought this to be an amazing line! I will further add that I have climbed other routes given .12c, and found most of them to require further effort. By example I would say this one feels easier than Pizza Dick, Power Bulge, most certaily easier than Je T'aime...If you can make the reach properly ( which feels natural ), then you're stylin' to the chains! I have yet to encounter a bad day climbing at CCC! Peace, Young Doug. Sep 2, 2008
Micah Holt
[Hide Comment] I thought it was harder than Finger Prince....maybe I am just weird, but really. I think 12c if not 12d...I lean towards 12d. I also thought that it was close to on par with Flying Cowboys and Sucking My Will To Live. It's just hard to grade due to the cryptic beta. Nov 10, 2008
[Hide Comment] I find it interesting that many people have 'ticked' this route without actually redpointing it.... Don't really care, but isn't that the definition of a 'tick'??? Sep 5, 2009
Morrison, CO
[Hide Comment] It is to you and me Darth, but apparently we're in the minority. Sep 8, 2009
[Hide Comment] Great line!! Felt solid at 12c. Cool crux section as well. Did not get the on-sight but will be back for the red point!!! Nov 11, 2009
Jason Antin
Golden, CO
[Hide Comment] FANTASTIC LINE! Looking forward to working on this one.... May 10, 2011
Stephen Nance
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Spot on .12c. I am 6'5", and it is still hard. Rhe bottom crux sequence maybe easier for me, but getting my feet up for the last sequence to the jug is very tough for me with my height.

My opinion, this could be the benchmark 12c in CCC. May 30, 2011
Golden, CO
[Hide Comment] If you're bored with the start of TDD, you can add another 5.12 crux by starting up Reefer Madness. Traverse up and left at the 3rd bolt staying at the level of the jug before the crux of Reefer.
Dumb but fun. Aug 3, 2011

[Hide Comment] If you've sent Lucid Dreaming, I think it's ok for you to say that you climb hardish 12. Which route was easier for you, TDD or LD? Sep 15, 2011
Darren Mabe
Flagstaff, AZ
[Hide Comment] I think Coy Flynn should try some harder routes in the Front Range. He may surprise himself or at least have a better idea of 5.12 ratings.

I think some folks rate TDD on the onsight, some rate it on the redpoint. Sep 15, 2011
Adam Peters
Salt Lake City, Utah
[Hide Comment] Corey, you should try Testify at Wall of J…. Sep 20, 2011
Curt MacNeill
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Great route with funs flowy moves and a super fun crux. There is a reason someone is always on this thing. On par with Ken Tanks, Anarchitect, and Sucking in terms of quality.... Jan 16, 2012
Adam Peters
Salt Lake City, Utah
[Hide Comment] Enough said...bahahahahahaha! I love Classic! Jan 21, 2012
[Hide Comment] Outstanding 12c route. Jan 23, 2012
Ben Hall
Boulder, Colorado
[Hide Comment] Rock is very very greasy at this time. Still, arguably, one of the best routes at Clear Creek. May 13, 2013
[Hide Comment] Got on it for the first time today...awesome! I was on TR set quite easily after ascending Reefer Madness. I got the first 2/3 of the route clean first go until the last two bolts where the crux lies. It looks like you can string together a series of sequency crimps through the crux rather than the desperate sloper/squeeze problem people talk about. I will return and try some more. May 26, 2014
[Hide Comment] Yesterday I ended up breaking off the good incut right above the third bolt. There still is the good flat edge to the right of where the hold broke, so it doesn't change anything. Just thought I'd let people know. Jun 9, 2014
Clint Hager 1
Colorado Springs, Colorado
[Hide Comment] I was climbing here on June 11th, and I was next to a party that were climbing this route and Wet Dream. Anyways, they accidentally forgot to clean one of their draws on this route. I think one person in the party's name was Mike.

Mike, if you're reading this, I have your quickdraw. Send me a message, and I can give it back to you.

-Clint Jun 12, 2014
[Hide Comment] My partner and I mistook this for Reefer Madness and had to bail at the fifth bolt. We left two quickdraws. If you find them and clean them, could you send me a PM please? I'll describe them to whomever finds them.

Thanks! Jun 23, 2016
Nolan Robertson
Durango, CO
[Hide Comment] The finishing moves of the crux sequence on this thing are exciting! You think you'll be getting a jug sooner than you really do! Apr 7, 2017
Geoff U
Centennial, CO
[Hide Comment] This stays dry in the rain. May 20, 2018
Dillon Blanksma
Golden, CO
[Hide Comment] The crux bolt is gone as of 4/24/19. I simply pulled it out while lowering from the anchors. Thankfully it didn't pull out on a fall. I've already contacted a good source to get it replaced ASAP. It isn't unclimbable, you are just looking at a much farther fall at the crux, so make wise decisions! Apr 24, 2019
Kevin Capps
Golden, CO
[Hide Comment] I replaced the crux bolt today, so it’s good to go! I was able to just screw in a new 1/2” stainless to the existing sleeve and cone, and I tightened it to 25 foot pounds. Apr 25, 2019
Stefan Levinson
[Hide Comment] The good right hand crimp used to move up to the better edge above the 2nd bolt is flexing quite a bit, just be light and careful there. 7 days ago