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5.11c, TR, 50 ft,  Avg: 3.3 from 9 votes
FA: probably Ralph Schmidt
Wisconsin > Devil's Lake > E Bluff 01 - Sa… > 1. Old Sandstone


Uberschmidt is the route immediately left of Tarantula and can be identified by a large roof one third of the way up. The climb breaches the center of the roof.

Though intimidating from the ground, Uberschmidt climbs very well, as a bouldery, cut-your-feet sequence sees you over the roof. The climbing on the upper face eases considerably. Note: While pulling the roof, the right wall is definitely off. Using it makes this climb about 5.11.

Much easier and more enjoyable (in my opinion) than the nightmare slab of Sepsen Wall, Uberschmidt deserves more traffic.


Toprope problem.

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Uberschmidt climbs the prominent roof in this pic to the left of the rope. The right wall is off.
[Hide Photo] Uberschmidt climbs the prominent roof in this pic to the left of the rope. The right wall is off.
The crux!
[Hide Photo] The crux!
Rhoads contemplating what to do next!?!
[Hide Photo] Rhoads contemplating what to do next!?!

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rich bechler
[Hide Comment] This is a great lead. A hand placed long dong at the lip.Be care ful at the top out.Walk to the top and clean the dirt and pine needles of the ledge. Dec 30, 2005
J Beta
New Hampshire
[Hide Comment] You know...I agree with Rich. This climb is probably 5.11c, not 12a. The book gives it 12b, but that is way off. I felt that this climb was much easier than many other 12a's in the area.

A long dong? Wouldn't a cam work better?

Jan 5, 2006
Rob Riggleman
Santa Barbara, CA
[Hide Comment] I tried this thing several times yesterday. Maybe I was missing something, but I thought the roof sequence was much harder than anything on P.O. Wall. I never was able to stand up over the roof... Aug 27, 2007
Tom Petraitis
Evanston, IL
[Hide Comment] I tried this route a few years ago and was shut out of the top -- which it seems is not the hard part. I must have missed a foothold, or my shoes sucked. The next year i saw two locals run up it like it was a day hike. The bottom is really enjoyable. Just a playground of sweet bouldering action! I won't venture a guess at the rating till I try the upper part again with better shoes and glasses. May 4, 2009
  5.12a R
[Hide Comment] 5.9ish climbing, except for pulling that damn roof! I couldn't find the foot I needed, am I too tall? If it's 11c, I'm missing something. Jun 29, 2009
  5.12a R
[Hide Comment] Yea, I see how you guys could call this 11c. I think that a person who boulders V5 or higher or climbs harder 12's and 13's or 14's (Famous "Winsonsinite" Jay Knower) would find the one hard move on this easy but 12's being around my limit I think it would be fair to call it 12a.
Lets compromise at 11d.
A #000 C3 gives decent protection to the crux and there are good placements above albeit in suspect rock with a solid run-out to the top.
Long live trad climbing. Aug 22, 2009
Andy Hansen
Longmont, CO
[Hide Comment] What the hell is a Winsonite? Aug 19, 2011
  5.12a R
[Hide Comment] Obviously you're not one Andy ;) Aug 20, 2011