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Coyne Crack Simulator

5.11a, Trad,  Avg: 2.6 from 220 votes
FA: unknown
Utah > Southeast Utah > Indian Creek > Pistol Whipped
Access Issue: No Toilet Facilities! Details
Access Issue: RAIN, WET ROCK and RAPTOR CLOSURES: The sandstone around Moab is fragile and is very easily damaged when it is wet. Also please ask and be aware of Raptor Closures in areas such as CAT WALL and RESERVOIR WALL in Indian Creek Details


This climb is located not too far to the right of the approach trail as you face the cliff.This climb is the left of 2 nice looking cracks you will see as you arrive at the cliff. This climb starts as fingers/rattly fingers and widens at the top to cupped hands/tight fists (if your hands are small). The business has a left-facing offset similar to Coyne Crack at Super Crack Buttress - hence the name. This is a great choice for a first 11- lead in the Creek. There is a great stance (very small ledge) about 4 feet off the deck from here, you can place a piece or two high and gun it. The crux is short and the rock quality is good. It only gets 2 stars because its a short climb.


Bring one of each from 1.5 - 3.5 Friends. I did not have a 3.5 and was alright. This climb is short - probably no more than 50 or 60 feet. At the end of the crack step right to the anchors.

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SteveZ sending Coyne Simulator
[Hide Photo] SteveZ sending Coyne Simulator
Coyne Crack Simulator
[Hide Photo] Coyne Crack Simulator
Coyne Crack Simulator
[Hide Photo] Coyne Crack Simulator
Coyne Crack Simulator.
[Hide Photo] Coyne Crack Simulator.
Lisa sending Coyne Crack Simulator.
[Hide Photo] Lisa sending Coyne Crack Simulator.
The start of Coyne Crack Simulator and Wounded Knee.
[Hide Photo] The start of Coyne Crack Simulator and Wounded Knee.
[Hide Photo] simulated.
Very popular...
[Hide Photo] Very popular...
Ceci simulates
[Hide Photo] Ceci simulates

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[Hide Comment] This is a very soft 11-. I find it much easier than "The Wave" (10+) on Supercrack Buttress. Dec 3, 2001
[Hide Comment] I agree. I've climbed lots of 5.9's that were harder. No disrespect intended. Mar 11, 2003
[Hide Comment] Not to be rude, but why do you guys care so much about the grades? Low self esteem? If ever there was a place where grades are subjective, the creek is it, so I can't imagine anyone would lend any credence to your claims of downgrading. Coyne crack was easier for me than No Name Crack. That doesn't mean that Coyne isn't 12 and No Name isn't a 10. Give your egos a rest and give some thought to why you climb; you might enjoy it more. Mar 31, 2003
Kirk Woerner
[Hide Comment] I think 5.11- is fair. But then, green Camalots are my hardest size. Once you get through about 20' of this size, it's cruiser and short. Sep 29, 2003
andy patterson
Carpinteria, CA
[Hide Comment] word to the "anonymous coward." Apr 11, 2007
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] cool route, not nearly as pumpy as Coyne itself. .75 is rough for me. worthwhile climb, do wounded knee right next door while you're here.

CL Oct 21, 2008
Bay Area, CA
[Hide Comment] The ringlock section is made a lot easier by the number of footholds near the crack. Even if you have to hangdog to the hands section, this route is worth getting on. You'll probably cruise it on toprope.

I packed 1 .5 camalot, 2 .75 camalots, 2-3 #1 camalots, 1-2 #2 camalots, and 1 #3 camalot, although its not really necessary, since it goes in 4 feet below the chains. The chains are kind of inconvenient to get to, but its not a deal breaker. Bring long slings if you intend to toprope this climb. Apr 13, 2009
Vandalia, Appalachia
[Hide Comment] Good short route, but a terrible name. I don't know how many people I have heard say "I have done Coyne Crack Simulator, am I ready for Coyne Crack?" In my opinion, Scarface is a much better Coyne Crack Simulator than this one. May 12, 2009

[Hide Comment] scarface? interesting choice. been ages since i have been on it, but it seems like steep start with big moves between good jams, to thin hands to perfect hands? i'd say that the climbing on CCS is more similar to CC, although infinitely shorter. i think you are right though, that scarface has components that would be useful for coyne crack.

maybe a good progression for somebody wanting to work up to coyne crack would be (?):

jane fondas workout, battle of the bulge wall (10c)
cave route, battle of the bulge wall (10d)
soul fire, optimator wall (10d/11a)
excuse station, res wall (11a)
rock lobster, broken tooth wall (11a/b)
pente, res wall (11a/b)
top sirloin, 2nd meat wall (11b)
fatted calf, sacred cow wall (11b)
thank god for pods, pods wall (11b)
way rambo, way rambo wall (11b/c)
heat searcher 2nd pitch, broken tooth wall (11c)
9 lives, cat wall (11c)
mad dog, cat wall (11c)
johnny cat, cat wall (11d)

i would think if somebody worked their way through these routes, they would be fairly prepared for an onsight attempt on coyne crack. curious to see what other people think, or what routes they would add to the list. May 12, 2009
Jan Tarculas
Riverside, Ca
[Hide Comment] I suck at .75 C4 so I give this 5.11- Harder than Pente which is classic 5.11 for me Oct 15, 2013
[Hide Comment] Did you TR this one Jan? Oct 15, 2013
Black Hawk, CO
[Hide Comment] If revenge of the rock gods is 5.10+, this is 5.10.

Actually think 5.10+ is an accurate Creek grade. Apr 5, 2014
Boise, ID
[Hide Comment] The anchor on this route is kind of strangely located. Not sure why the FA didn't just place the bolts out left. Nov 16, 2017