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Richard Radcliffe
Louisville, CO
Richard Radcliffe   Louisville, CO
Why is the 5.9 rated R and the 5.7 rated PG-13 since the distance to ground zero is identical...? Jan 22, 2011
West Jordan
Rockwood   West Jordan
My guess after climbing it would be that on the flake you're leaning back jamming it or laybacking it, and if you fall, you'll land on your back/head on a rock at the bottom. The face climb you'll likely slip off land on your partner and feet first for some leg injuries. So less likely of a deadly fall. Jul 16, 2013
IMO, a fall from the "step over to the flake" move of the right-hand start would be crippling, like, end-of-your-climbing-career serious. That's not PG-13, that's R/X. Again, my opinion, having done both starts.

I got three decent pieces in the left start before starting the layback. My belayer and I agreed I would not hit the ground if I fell at any point before placing the 4 inch cam when the crack narrowed to that width. Aug 30, 2015

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