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0 Far Right, 2.<br>
1 Direct E Face, 6R.<br>
1a Butterfly, 6R.<br>
2 Fandango, 5.<br>
2a Variation, 6.<br>
3 Baker's Way, 3.<br>
4 Way of the Ancients, 7R.<br>
5 Zig Zag, 7.<br>
6 ?Kamikaze, 9?<br>
9 Hubris, 6.<br>
Unmarked Atlanta, 3
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0 Far Right, 2.
1 Direct E Face, 6R.
1a Butterfly, 6R.
2 Fandango, 5.
2a Variation, 6.
3 Baker's Way, 3.
4 Way of the Ancients, 7R.
5 Zig Zag, 7.
6 ?Kamikaze, 9?
9 Hubris, 6.
Unmarked Atlanta, 3  
Jay Patterson
Denver, CO
Jay Patterson   Denver, CO
0. Far Right, 2.
1. Direct E Face, 6R.
1a. Butterfly, 6R.
2. Fandango, 5.
2a. Variation, 6.
3. Baker's Way, 3.
4. Way of the Ancients, 7R.
5. Zig Zag, 7.
6. ?Kamikaze, 9?
9. Hubris, 6.
Unmarked: Atlanta, 3. Apr 4, 2016
Bryan Gartland
Helena, MT
Bryan Gartland   Helena, MT
Take note that this photo does not depict the SW Face route, which is also the standard downclimb from the summit.

When reversing the route the initial moves off of the summit go due west on juggy but steep terrain. The descent then generally trends downwards to the climber's right through a bowl and a large ramp system, approximately behind "Way of the Ancients" (4) in the above photo. Oct 18, 2017
Peter Lewis
Bridgton, Maine
Peter Lewis   Bridgton, Maine
The photo doesn't do justice to the size of this thing. It's really big. I took my son up it when he was about seven. What a great piece of stone! Jan 29, 2018

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