DL rapping down East Germany (near crux).<br>
Photo by Bob Lagier.
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Dan Levison
Apr 30, 2003
DL rapping down East Germany (near crux).

Photo by Bob Lagier.
Matt Chan
Matt Chan   Boulder
Hmmm... that's four bolts in ~12 feet. I've never seen anything like that before outside of a gym and even that's a stretch. Apr 2, 2006
So Cal
johannsolo   So Cal
Tick marks everywhere, I hate tick marks. Nov 27, 2015
J. Albers
J. Albers   Colorado
^^^ said the peanut gallery who have most likely never sent nor FA'ed anything like what the gent in the pic is setting up. Pipe down unless you have been on the route and can comment on it from a first hand perspective. Nov 27, 2015

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