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One Pitch Wonder to Jim Pick v0.8
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Burton Rosenberger
Jan 4, 2019
One Pitch Wonder to Jim Pick v0.8  
Burton Rosenberger
Woodbridge, va
Burton Rosenberger   Woodbridge, va
v0.8 updates:
Changed the Rap Station Key to convey more information faster
Added newly drilled anchor stations and re-numbered ALL stations on both mini maps
Stations added (Kiddie land corner, After Hours, 10' Tackle / mildly wild, SHR / VDWTFT, Jim Pick
Climbs without a given rap station have a "t" on them to indicate "top," if a climb could use a two rope rap or a single rope rap near by on top out climbs both are indicated if the single is close.

v0.7 updates:
Added 10-Foot Tackle and path to it

v0.6 updates:
Added a new route "Mildy Wild"
Added new variant of WDYB, Swinging in the rain
Added left/right facing corners to key
Added "crack" to key
Highlighted in red the R and TR climbs to help them stand out
Reworked routes off optional Rap 9's ledge to show cracks and route locations better
Reworked Robinson Cruseo scramble to better reflect what is there
Added bolt to Unexpected Party and removed R rating

v0.5 updates:
Talked with Indy in person and made some changes.
1) Moved Monk to where it starts and it does go through the larger chimney like crack
2) Moved the howling direct and the howling to where they start. The howling Direct starts at old hornets next and left of that covered in foliage is where the howling starts.
3) Moved the howling arete over to where it starts, right of the hornets next in the big crack
4) Moved HYY to where it starts, imediately around corner of #3 to right
5) Added The christening and indicated start ... same as documented on the page for this climb
6) Added optional rap station #9 at the small tree backed up with tricam 50 above the christening start
7) Added Jim Pick rap station #8
8) Moved SHR and VDWTFT more inline with where they fall on the wall. Note #7 rap is currently missing and could be bolted soon!
9) Added Misty Splitter and WDYB

v0.4 updates:
1) New key with added information
i) Updated arete and directional flake symbols
ii) added corner, climbing (over rocks) trail, trail, rock, significant tree, anchor changes
iii) Anchors retain their previous format but get an addition of two lines in the center if the rap requires two ropes and a colored background and two x's for rap stations that are bolted
2) Moved some routes around a little to make them easier to read or reflect starting locations.
3) Added more significant trees to bases of climbs as described and confirmed in Indy's guide
4) Added North South cardinal indicator
5) Added Wall is here indicator
6) Added approach trail to help orient new climbers to the area
7) Moved some anchors to their right climbs after confirming their location

NOTE: Rap 7 doesn't exist right now, the tat has been removed but we are looking to bolt something on or near that station so I left it in. If you rap from here only rap to station 6 for now. I will update the guide as soon as we know if we can find a safe two rope rap from this ledge.

v0.3 Changes:
1) Added rock next to Free but worth it to account for Monk climb which really starts on the path at the turn around the tree.
2) Added rock / tree next to Unexpected party off trail to better indicate difference between it and orientation of TV boulder.
3) Updated rap station style to use commas instead of slashes
4) Updated rap stations for kiddieland corner / Free But Worth It to indicate shared rap stations.
5) Changed color of NOT TO SCALE to red

v0.2 Changes:
1) Monk moved to where it really is
2) Free but worth it and hunters roof shifted into place.
3) School house rock grade changed from 5.9 to 5.7 as listed in the guide Jan 4, 2019

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