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Doug on SSSBTC
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Mar 4, 2018
Doug on SSSBTC  
Healyje   PDX
'Student Center South' and 'Student Center South By The Column'. Doug was walking from the Chemistry building into the Student Center in the middle of a crowd of folks at lunch, saw the little edge up there, dropped his shit mid-stride, and just went for it. He was, unfortunately, back a ways from it when he launched and, though he stuck the edge, his legs swung up and hit the underside of the roof popping his hands off the edge in the process. As a result, he went flying and knocked down a slew of people who in front of him and, in the aftermath, everyone made a circle around him and started yelling at him. Classic Doug. He then brought us over and we figured out you really have to be positioned accurately directly under it in order to jump for it, stick it, and shoot for the top in one fluid motion. Doug always had an eye.

After we got the straight-up move I got to eyeing the roof pockets and the column figuring there out to be a way to make that go. It took a bit, but I did end up getting it and the double knee bar up there is absolutely great. All in all, the whole 'By The Column' movement is pretty wonderful and we all got a lot of mileage out of it. if you get that down there's the highball version of it around the corner to the right on the SE exit portico. Mar 4, 2018

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