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What&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@s the deal with these new holes?
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rob bauer
Oct 29, 2016
What's the deal with these new holes?  
I thought it was some moronic vandalism too!
That SAR actually did it is extremely disappointing!!!
Hard to actually believe.... Jun 20, 2017
Golden, CO
ErikaNW   Golden, CO
They are there for rescue ops. We were at the crag when a climber decked and EMS came - they have drilled the holes to set up a tyro across the creek to get climbers out. They told us they have so many calls to this crag that they felt it necessary as carry-outs on the trail are difficult and dangerous.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Earlier that day we were actually planning to come back and patch the holes with epoxy, since we thought they were vandalism. Then we found out why they are there. We asked them why they didn't work with the climbing community, or at least let people know about the purpose for this and they said they wanted to be discreet.... Yeah - these six 1" holes in the rock face on the start of a route are real discreet. Pretty disappointed they felt the need to do this. Nov 7, 2016
rob bauer
Golden, CO
rob bauer   Golden, CO
I think it's under or next to Rumple Teaser, about 4-6' off the ground.

It's a terrible spot for a slackline in the middle of a busy climbing area, and corresponding spot across the creek seems too far away, IMO. Oct 29, 2016

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