Jersey Volunteers - Right side<br>
overview of routes:<br>
Fb. Corner of the Greencoats<br>
G. Norfolk Burning<br>
H. Closter Raid<br>
J. Kemp&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@s Landing Victory<br>
L. Gully of the Greencoats<br>
M. Ethiopian Regiment<br>
N. Skinner&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@s Greens<br>
P. Shark River Plundering<br>
Q. Defending Staten Island<br>
S. Cortlandt&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@s Corner<br>
U. Slab of the Greencoats<br>
. . v = variation 5.6<br>
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Jun 18, 2016
Jersey Volunteers - Right side
overview of routes:
Fb. Corner of the Greencoats
G. Norfolk Burning
H. Closter Raid
J. Kemp's Landing Victory
L. Gully of the Greencoats
M. Ethiopian Regiment
N. Skinner's Greens
P. Shark River Plundering
Q. Defending Staten Island
S. Cortlandt's Corner
U. Slab of the Greencoats
. . v = variation 5.6


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