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Check Book - Left Side:<br>
aR. Straight Coupons<br>
aS. Ballooon Payment<br>
aT. Tax Angle<br>
aU. Inversion Offshore<br>
aV. Growth Angle<br>
aW. Profit Angle<br>
aX. Revenue Angle<br>
B. Unwinding the Transaction<br>
C. Emerging Prominence<br>
D. Emerging Trend<br>
E. Sudden Exponential<br>
F. Correct Change<br>
G. Insufficient Balance<br>
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Jun 12, 2016
Check Book - Left Side:
aR. Straight Coupons
aS. Ballooon Payment
aT. Tax Angle
aU. Inversion Offshore
aV. Growth Angle
aW. Profit Angle
aX. Revenue Angle
B. Unwinding the Transaction
C. Emerging Prominence
D. Emerging Trend
E. Sudden Exponential
F. Correct Change
G. Insufficient Balance


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