Rock here is bomber....  ?
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Samuel Trimboli
Mar 31, 2016
Rock here is bomber.... ?
My bad, I figured your defense of him for bombing every climb at Table without him climbing more than a hand full, made you friends, or at least long lost step brothers. Certainly birds of a feather...

As for your onsite, Wow beats chest, so manly! I didn't realize onsighting 12a was still a feat of strength worthy of chest thumping. Awesome dude! Did the mags publish that rad send!?!?! We can go back and do a photo shoot with you posing and making grunting poo faces to increase the dopeness yo!

Oh and on a side note, did you go down to the Lair while at Table? There is a climb I named for people exactly like you, it's called Internet Superhero Apr 1, 2016
Jerry Dodrill
Bodega, CA
Jerry Dodrill   Bodega, CA
Way to keep it classy, Aaron Rough. (Maybe you missed this: "Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk") How about just looking at facts without the hyperbole: The rock is comprised of low quality ash, the bolts are working themselves loose, and a few have been removed ("stolen") because its safer to not clip them than risk a disastrous ground fall.

If you climb here, be wary, wear a helmet, and rack a wrench. Several accidents have occurred due to breaking rock and inexperienced climbers. If you like easy routes and don't mind loose rock or wobbly bolts, this is the place for you. May 14, 2016
Edit: Not worth the discussion with someone who has already made up their mind. Like or hate it, go or don't go, it's a personal decision. May 16, 2016

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