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routes overview Left side Tower Wall<br>
A Risky Bear / Ex-Traction Slab<br>
B Any Which Way / Ex-Traction<br>
C Crefeld Crank<br>
D Back to the Gym<br>
E Back to the Wall<br>
F No Rest for the Wicked<br>
G Unrest of the Witches<br>
H TWD original Lead<br>
Hd TWD direct start<br>
He . . tired climber finish<br>
Htr TWD straight TR finish<br>
J Rachel's Crack
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Aug 4, 2015
routes overview Left side Tower Wall
A Risky Bear / Ex-Traction Slab
B Any Which Way / Ex-Traction
C Crefeld Crank
D Back to the Gym
E Back to the Wall
F No Rest for the Wicked
G Unrest of the Witches
H TWD original Lead
Hd TWD direct start
He . . tired climber finish
Htr TWD straight TR finish
J Rachel's Crack

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