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Beta Map:<br>
Accelerated Freefall: ABCD-Z<br>
Rapunzel Syndrome: BCD-Z<br>
Shulti Mind Trick: C-top<br>
Inglorious: xxD-Z<br>
Inglorious Original: ED-Z<br>
Project: E-top direct<br>
Inglorious Bastards: GHFED-Z<br>
Space Invaders: GHF-top<br>
C-note: H-top<br>
Cold Feat - I-Top<br>
Mossy - J-top<br>
Swamp Child - K-top-top of cascadia
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Jay Shultis
May 17, 2015
Beta Map:
Accelerated Freefall: ABCD-Z
Rapunzel Syndrome: BCD-Z
Shulti Mind Trick: C-top
Inglorious: xxD-Z
Inglorious Original: ED-Z
Project: E-top direct
Inglorious Bastards: GHFED-Z
Space Invaders: GHF-top
C-note: H-top
Cold Feat - I-Top
Mossy - J-top
Swamp Child - K-top-top of cascadia  


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