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May 8, 2015
Floor plan  
Omaha, NE (at the moment)
trisgo   Omaha, NE (at the moment)


Roughly 7,000sq feet (don't quote me on this number) of climbing space.
Hand Crack.
Finger Crack.
5 Auto Belays.
Leadable Arch.
Slack Line .
Top-Roped Climbing.
Sport/Lead Climbing.
Practice Chains for Outdoor Lead Climbing.
Training Equipment (Campus board (both standard & sloper), hang boards, rings, bombs, Bachar ladder).
System Board (coming soon).
Free yoga classes for members.
Experienced staff trained on climbing rescues, teaching/instruction, and risk management.
Rock wall supervisor is PCIA & CWA certified.


Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Monday: Special Programs
Tuesday: 5:00pm-9:00pm
Wednesday: 5:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday: 5:00pm-9:00pm
Friday: Special Programs
Saturday: 12:00pm-5:00pm


General Public Day Pass: $20 (this is for the entire facility including the rock wall, pool/hot tube, sauna, basket ball courts, work out area, ect).

Climbing Equipment Rental-
Harness (Free)
Climbing Shoes (Free)
Chalk Bag (Free)
ATC (Free)
Lead Rope (Free)

Member Climb (Free)

Monthly Membership (Call for pricing)

Frequently Asked Questions:
• Q: How old do you have to be to climb?
○ A: You must be 5 years old to climb.
• Q: I thought the climbing wall was just for kids?
○ A: Absolutely Not! Many of our avid climbers are adults.
• Q: Is there a max weight?
○ Max weight is roughly 275lbs.
• Q: I have zero experience, can I still do it.
○ A: Without a doubt! We work with many people new to climbing and can get you on the wall for the first time in about 10 minutes. Some of the advanced classes require previous experience, but no experience is needed to get started. All are welcomed!!
• Q: What sort of shape do you have to be in to climb? Will it be too difficult for me?
○ A: We have routes specifically designed for people new to climbing. If you can climb a ladder, we have routes for you.
• Q: What is the staff there like?
○ A: Our small climbing staff is made up of climbers that enjoy sharing their passion of climbing with others. When we hire climbing staff, we look very closely at their climbing experience level and whether or not they have an affable personality. Most of us at the climbing wall have other jobs and work at the wall because we enjoy working with both new and experienced climbers.
• Q: I thought you had to be a member of Lifetime to climb there?
○ A: This is incorrect. While members climb for free, we DO allow the public to come in and climb. People that are not members of Lifetime can purchase a day pass at the front desk ($20) that will be good for not only the rock wall, but the entire facility.
• Q: Do I need to have my own equipment?
○ A: Not at all! We will provide you with everything you need for free whether you’re a member or part of the general public.
• Q: Is it dangerous?
○ A: Yes and No. Rock Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport which is why we require a waiver for everyone who climbs. Know that we check all of our equipment on a regular basis, all climbing staff are trained to preform rescues if needed, and the worst injuries we've had is scrapes and bruises. Our staff is trained to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to risk management.
• Q: I've gotten bored with the auto-belays and hate waiting in line. What can I do?
○ A: This is a great question. A common misconception is that only staff can use the ropes. This is totally incorrect. When someone works the ropes, this is called belaying. We offer a class to members that will teach you how to use the ropes including knots, communication, and the actual belaying. This class costs $15 and takes 45-90 minutes depending on the person. People as young as 13 years old can learn to belay and children as young as 5 years old can climb with the ropes. We strongly encourage folks to learn how to belay. This will allow you to go from 5 auto-belays to 30 roped climbs and you'll never have to wait in line.
• Q: When can I take a class?
○ A: We can teach belay and lead classes/skill challenges at any time during normal wall hours (but ask that you do not schedule it during Cliffhangers Class). The Cliffhangers Kid's class takes place on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm. Adult workshops take place on Saturdays from Noon-2:00pm. Individual classes can be arranged to meet your schedule.
• Q: I'm interested in setting routes. Am I able to do this?
○ A: We are always looking to diversify our routes and are interested in different setting styles. Talk to the rock wall supervisor for more information about this.
• Q: If I'm an adult, can I sign the waiver for someone else's child?
○ A: No. Due to legal reasons, we must have a signed waiver from either the parent or court approved legal guardian. Extended family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, ect) cannot sign for the child unless they have legal guardianship. If you wish to bring someone else's child to climb, you are more than welcome to either pick up a waiver in advance or print out a waiver from the website (…) for the child's legal guardians to sign. It is very important that this waiver is fill out correctly. If it is not filled out correctly, the child will not be able to climb. Waivers are good for one year and will be kept on file (so you won't have to bring one every time). A quick note, the waiver at the front desk and the sponsoring adult waiver does NOT cover rock climbing. We must have the actual rock climbing waiver. If there are any questions about this, please call us before making a trip all the way out to the wall.
• Q: Can I climb there when the wall is closed?
○ A: No. Staff must be present to monitor safety similar to a life guard.
• Q: I have other questions about rock climbing at Lifetime, who do I call?
○ A: Contact the front desk at (402)334-3000. If the front desk is unable to answer your question, ask for either the Activities Desk or the Child Care department and they can connect you with the rock wall supervisor.


• Introduction and Auto Belay Use (Free)
• Group Reservations Available (Call for pricing)
• Basic Belay Class ($15)
○ Knots
○ Belaying
○ Commands
• Belay Skills Challenge (Free)
• Lead Climbing/Belaying ($25)
○ Clipping
○ Commands
○ Lead Belaying
○ Safety Specifics
• Lead Climbing/Belaying Skills Challenge (Free)
• One-on-One Instruction (Call for pricing)
• Workshops
○ Route Setting and Self-Belay (Free)
○ Gear Inspection (top rope and sport): What to watch for and when to retire. (Free)
○ Outdoor Sport Climbing: Making the move from gym to crag. (Free)
○ Top Rope Rescues: Simple rescues for simple climbing. (Free)
○ Rappelling: The Basics. (Free)
○ Rappelling: Part Two. (Free)
○ Crack Climbing: Tips, tricks, and techniques. (Free)
○ Traditional Climbing Gear Inspection: What to watch for and when to retire. (Free)
○ Placing Traditional Protection: Nuts/Stoppers. (Free)
○ Placing Traditional Protection: Hexes. (Free)
○ Placing Traditional Protection: Oddball gear. (Free)
○ Placing Traditional Protection: Active pro. (Free)
○ Placing Traditional Protection: Natural pro. (Free)
○ Building Anchors: The basics. (Free)
○ Building Anchors: The lead rope as a tool. (Free)
○ Multipitch Climbing: Hanging belays. (Free)
○ Multipitch Climbing: Hauling. (Free)
○ Multipitch Climbing: Hauling part two. (Free)
○ Multipitch Climbing: Bivys & portaledges. (Free)
○ Multipitch Climbing: Multiple ropes with multiple people. (Free)
○ Multipitch Rescues: Belay escapes. (Free)
○ Multipitch Rescues: Ascending & tandom rappels. (Free)
○ Multipitch Rescues: Raising systems. (Free)
○ Gear Inspection (Big Wall): What to watch for and when to retire. (Free)
○ Big Wall Climbing: Aiding. (Free)
○ Big Wall Climbing: Ascending a fixed line. (Free)
○ Big Wall Climbing: When the trad pro runs. (Free)
○ Big Wall Climbing: Pendulums & traverses. (Free)
○ Big Wall Climbing: Tyroleans & fixing a pitch. (Free)
○ Solo Climbing: Roped systems. (Free)

• Introduction and Auto Belay Use (Free)
• Group Reservations Available (Call for pricing)
• Cliffhangers 1 ($45/Month, Once a week)
○ Basic Technique: Understanding power source, center of gravity, and unguided power.
○ Intermediate Technique: Lie backs & underclings.
○ Intermediate Technique: Stemming & gastons.
○ Techniques for Crack Climbing: Hand and foot jams.
○ Understanding Holds: Jugs, buckets, crimpers, slopers, and pinches.
○ Knowing Your Equipment: Harnesses, ropes, carabineers, and belay devices.
○ Climbing Commands & Knots: Figure 8 follow through, barrel knot.
• Cliffhangers 2 ($45/Month, Once a week)
○ Advanced Technique; Mantling, dynos, and flagging.
○ Advanced Knots: Prussik, double fisherman's, water knot, clove hitch.
○ Belaying: Top Rope.
○ Sport Climbing: Bolts, clipping, rope drag, dangers.
○ Belaying a Leader: Slack, air time, hard vs. soft catches.
○ Rappelling: Various techniques, devices, and backups.
○ Route Topography.
○ Intro to traditional gear placement.
• Boy Scout Rock Climbing Merit Badge Class (Call for pricing)
• Girl Scout Rock Climbing Merit Badge Class (Call for pricing)
• One-on-One Instruction (Call for pricing)
• Birthday Parties (Call for pricing) May 8, 2015

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