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Left to Right:<br>
Light Blue: 5.11<br>
Red: 5.9<br>
White: 5.11-<br>
Green: Modulation Crack 5.11<br>
Blue: Frozen Will 5.11+<br>
Pink: Velvet Hammer 5.11+<br>
Purple: Lost Vikings 5.10<br>
Yellow: Bachelor Party 5.11+
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Jesse Zacher
Jan 31, 2015
Left to Right:
Light Blue: 5.11
Red: 5.9
White: 5.11-
Green: Modulation Crack 5.11
Blue: Frozen Will 5.11+
Pink: Velvet Hammer 5.11+
Purple: Lost Vikings 5.10
Yellow: Bachelor Party 5.11+

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