Map to Chewiliken Creek Crag
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Jan 1, 2015
Map to Chewiliken Creek Crag
Is 2 or 3 in this photo the cliff with the ~15' thick quartz dike feature running horizontally across it?

Nice to see some development in these areas, first explored them and bouldered in the mid 90's, figured it was too far out to ever see much activity.

Hopefully development here will preclude further bolting activity in the McLaughlin Canyon area, where long established local ethos has frowned upon permanent anchors. Sep 6, 2015
Tonasket, WA
applewood   Tonasket, WA
No I don't think so Pasha, the cliffs marked 2 and 3 are about 200+' tall, they have some marbled features but you may be thinking of what's marked 14 on this map. It has some really interesting bands, and is maybe only 100' tall, and also what's marked 1 has a prominent diagonal dyke on a 60' tall section of cliff, but I'm really not sure since many of these cliffs have such interesting dykes.

Personally I like this new crag more than MC since it is so isolated, but it seems the easier access makes MC more popular - as I've never seen anyone else up at Chewiliken Creek Crag. But that being said, the area of the South Canyon at MC where the new bolted lines are going in has some pretty amazing rock. Sep 14, 2015

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