The Wave (L->@SEMICOLON@R):<br>
[[Low Frequency, V0]]105757714.<br>
[[Midrange, V1]]105757717.<br>
[[High Frequency, V0]]105757720.<br>
[[Making Waves, V4]]105757327.<br>
[[Catching Waves, V6]]105757330.<br>
[[Riding the Wave, V0]]105880361<br>
  (the lip traverse L->@SEMICOLON@R ending at HF).<br>
[[Wave Traverse, V1]]105757324<br>
  (slab bottom traverse L->@SEMICOLON@R).
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David Tennant
Jun 12, 2014
The Wave (L->R):

Low Frequency, V0.
Midrange, V1.
High Frequency, V0.
Making Waves, V4.
Catching Waves, V6.
Riding the Wave, V0
(the lip traverse L->R ending at HF).
Wave Traverse, V1
(slab bottom traverse L->R).


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