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Down onto New Jersey Flake. Tips and toes.
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J. Snyder
Mar 29, 2014
Down onto New Jersey Flake. Tips and toes.  
So that's what that flake looks like in the light! Did you find any tat around it? The first time I summited Oak Creek Spire we got stuck in the dark with a party of three and no head lamp. After getting our ropes properly clustered I rapped the wrong way and ended up with the knots in my hands... I had to jug up to that flake and found a piece of webbing on it. Sooo, I straddled it and clipped the webbing and brought my two fellow danger monkeys down to it. Horrible idea I know, but it was dark, late, cold, and I was kind of freaked out. We sat huddled on the flake two riding bareback and one facing them, we placed a #5 I think and those two bailed into the darkness. After they were both on the ground I grabbed the #5, left the rope through one biner on the tat and had them lower me for some reason? The line of the day was "Its ok, if you fall now you'll only get hurt!" My partner to me as I rapidly approached the earth! All in all we got back to the truck at about 1030. Ever since then I always wondered how big that flake actually was! Some days I'm surprised I made it through the "storm years"... Mar 29, 2014
J. Snyder
Flagstaff, Arizona
J. Snyder   Flagstaff, Arizona
The LNT rappel flake is down and left of this flake. You can see it down there in the photo. I never saw a tatapuss Mar 29, 2014
Darren Mabe
Flagstaff, AZ
Darren Mabe   Flagstaff, AZ
Tatapus. Awesome Jan 22, 2016

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