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Summit register with 1st ascent & 2nd!<br>
Pic taken 2001
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Jan 28, 2014
Summit register with 1st ascent & 2nd!
Pic taken 2001  
William Penner
The 505
William Penner   The 505
That looks super cool, but is almost certainly not the original summit register. The first two ascents have the same handwriting. Also, the first ascent is talked about in the third person, which would be very odd if it were the original register. Thanks for the pic--very interesting. Jan 28, 2014
Jason Halladay
Los Alamos, NM
Jason Halladay   Los Alamos, NM  
While it's not the original summit register, it is pretty old! The text inside the front cover states it was placed there on December 18, 1962 and the early entries (including topos/drawings of routes) were copied into this 1962 register by Vincent Hoeman. In April 2010, I took photos of all ~62 pages in the register. It's an awesome list of who's-who in the climbing world over the decades. A totally cool relic and I hope it's still up there and in good shape. Jan 28, 2014
As far as the summit register for Ship if I'm not mistaken I read that some Wag stole the original register but thanks to someone it was copied and replaced? If anyone could verify this that is great.
Thanks Jan 29, 2014

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