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JT working the moves.
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Jackie Trejo
Sep 6, 2013
JT working the moves.  
Jay Eggleston
Jay Eggleston   Denver
Looks ok. Dec 25, 2015
Jacob Tarazoff
Santa Fe, NM
Jacob Tarazoff   Santa Fe, NM
Thanks MP, this is one hilarious thread(it looks like much has been removed, too bad). I hope no one takes an of this too seriously. Feb 28, 2015
Paul Hutton
Paul Hutton   Dirtbaggin
The world is the way it is. People take on different moods. I feel like a gentleman one day, and feel like a perv on other days. We're all interested in naughty things. We all enjoy sex. No girl wants a boring, prudent man. They want someone that's willing to be free, exciting, aggressive. Shy? Quiet? Boring! Our thoughts aren't limited, so we shouldn't have to think twice about what to say or what not to say. Life's too short to be wondering "should I fear living?" That's a big reason we climb. PrrdyLady (Preh-tee Lady) sets her mind on being attractive. She wonders if men's cognitive function is dedicated to wanting her when they see her. She's not gonna crawl into a dark hole and hide from what may come in the future, and I'm sorry for any lady that wants to stay behind closed doors and avoid pursuing life. The world is not a rose garden. It'll walk all over you if you don't develop a thick skin. Feel good that you turned out well. I work hard for the body I have, and am not surprised when people remark on my healthy, strong appearance. However, I'm not the dude in the gym that wears tank tops to show that I live for the "gym clique." I wanna be a good teammate for my military enlisted teammates when the fight gets rough, and I wanna be able to beat the pump on the walls. Get over the comments and keep lookin' good! There are fat, disgusting couch potatoes out there that yearn for what beach babes have! I won't live in fear that a minor, sexual comment will be my demise. Be free! Dec 15, 2014

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