Basket Dome Overview. <br>
Ignore the blue line, it shows an incorrect approach.
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Luke Stefurak
Aug 19, 2013
Basket Dome Overview.

Ignore the blue line, it shows an incorrect approach.
The bivi site is accurate, the blue approach line is too far east.

From the bivi site, descend into the notch behind Acorn Dome, the smaller dome east of Basket Dome. From the notch, descend the east side of Acorn Dome, then follow its base all the way, over a small ridge, and back west toward Basket Dome. After passing the slabs of Acorn Dome, descend steep slopes east of the drainage under the East Face of Basket Dome, and cross the stream bed at the tallest, biggest fir tree in the gully. The start of Milestone is about 200 ft west of the stream bed. Jun 3, 2015
Also, due to thick brush, the traverse behind Basket Dome from the North Dome Trail shown in green is not the best XC route to the bivi site. Better to leave the trail at the first low point just past the Indian Rock trail junction. Contour down towards a meadow area with seasonal water. Follow the west side of the draw until the angle of the terrain steepens, then cross the drainage and head east through almost level open forest - a clearing visible in the photo. The drainage is the headwaters of the seasonal stream which flows down the gully under Basket Dome's East Face, and provides convenient water at the bivi site below. After a short section of thick trees, you arrive on the rounded open ridge above and right of the bivi site in the photo, and descend to the camp.

This route is more direct, faster, with no brush, if done right. Jun 4, 2015
Another thing....

There is a first pitch below where the pink line begins. IOW the route doesn't start from the ledge where the pink line begins- don't try to traverse out there from the gully. There is a short third class section off the ground which gains a big ledge where the actual start is, and the first pitch climbs more or less straight up to a belay where the pink line begins. The first bolt is about fifteen ft up, at the end of a ramp that diagonals up and right from the ledge. Also to be exact, the second pitch follows a ramp/corner to the left of the pink line. Jun 6, 2015

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