Clipping is fun on this route.
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Jul 14, 2013
Clipping is fun on this route.
J. Albers
J. Albers   Colorado
Wow, CJC, that was sooo clever and witty!! Since you're clearly the Sedaris of MP, then I guess you too are cool enough to wear a t-shirt from the Onion. Tell you what, you order your own 'murder kitten' t-shirt, I will dig mine out, and then all three of us can go out climbing together. We can be 'Team Hipster Kitten' know, like Car RamRod, only from Boulder!! Jul 25, 2013
Sedaris, eh? High praise!

Cheers, man. Jul 30, 2013
Potrero Chico, MEX
MAKB   Potrero Chico, MEX  
Sick pants!! Sep 2, 2013

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