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Bolted over hang
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Oliver McMahon
Apr 15, 2013
Bolted over hang  
M Sprague
New England
M Sprague   New England  
From the picture, they look like fat galvanized glue-ins like the ones previously used a lot at Rumney. I personally would probably trust them. Take a look at the condition of the glue and the apparent care the equiper used. Is the glue neat, with no gaps or air holes?. Unfortunately you can't see inside, but if it looks like the person took care in their craftsmanship, there is probably a better chance that they took the effort to make sure they knew what they were doing, cleaned the holes properly, made sure the glue fully filled the hole and used the right type.

Incidentally, for hard, solid rock like good granite, glue-ins are actually not the best way to go. The glue doesn't seep into the rock to become one with it. If you are going to use glue-ins, it is better now to go with the new climbing specific stainless steel ones. The prices have gotten much more reasonable, so there is less reason to use the galvanized ones. Apr 11, 2014
micahM   NH
Thanks for the info and insight M Sprague! If I end up out there this weekend I will definitely take a close look at them and let everyone know here what I see regarding their condition.

Thanks again! Apr 11, 2014
micahM   NH
Just a quick update:

Made it out this way on Sunday morning to check out the area. They were definitely the "fat galvanized glue-ins". Whoever placed them appears to have taken care in doing so. Glue seemed clean and there were signs of somewhat recent climbers.

The only problem I saw was the actual placement and spacing of the bolts. The spacing between the first and second seemed a bit large. If you blew your second clip, you would fall a good 15 feet and definitely deck on the rocks below. I personally don't think I would use the bolts for that reason, not worth the fall to me.

Overall, this location seems to have a lot of potential. Looks like there are several potential areas to climb. The rock just needs a little tlc :)

Hoping to get out there again soon to do some climbing. Will post more info and pictures too. Apr 14, 2014

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