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Not a swastika after all but a spray-painted Kokopelli with a hatchet.<br>
Photo by JB.
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Ben Boykin
Aug 18, 2012
Not a swastika after all but a spray-painted Kokopelli with a hatchet.

Photo by JB.  
Looks like some of the Insanely Lame Clown Posse has struck. Sep 17, 2012
This was claimed by Rob Kelman to be a swastika, and it was further claimed, again by Rob Kelman and in the face of a lot of verifiable and directly conflicting evidencde, that I had painted the thing. This occurred after Rob had some correspondence with a particular climber who saw me and my climbing as their "competition" and despite the fact that I made it very, very clear to Rob Kelman that he had completely missed the mark with his accusation. Rob chose to leave the accusation up here, on this site, for anyone to come read, for years, clearly implying to anyone who happened by (or was told to go look) that he had some real and justifiable reason to leave it up, and thus clearly implying that he strongly felt his accusation was completely correct. Thus his actions were very, very clearly meant to justify his accusation, despite the absurd nature of it. This is unacceptable behavior on Rob's part and is in my eyes no different than someone using physical violence to harm another person. Apr 27, 2016
Tofu Brain
Tofu Brain   Denver
It's been widely known that Rob was the original juggalo or OJ if you will, he was drinking faygo before the guys in ICP were even born. Apr 27, 2016

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