From Left to Right:<br>
V0 - East Arete<br>
V1 - Super Slab<br>
V4 - Grin and Bear It<br>
V3 - Grand Funk<br>
V2 - West Arete<br>
V3 - West Face<br>
V3 - West Face @POUND@2<br>
V5 - Tiptoe
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Skat B
Jul 8, 2012
From Left to Right:
V0 - East Arete
V1 - Super Slab
V4 - Grin and Bear It
V3 - Grand Funk
V2 - West Arete
V3 - West Face
V3 - West Face #2
V5 - Tiptoe
jacob m s
Provo, Utah
jacob m s   Provo, Utah
if i remember right the v1 slab is really a v3. harder than any v1 i have ever done. also the two v3s on the west face next to tip toe seem almost as hard as tip toe, i don't know any ratings on them but they seem like more then v3 to me. but thanks for the picture, i need to go back and try some more the routs on the north side of house now that i have a better idea about how they should be done. Jun 21, 2013
Skat B
Down Rodeo
Skat B   Down Rodeo
The north slab could be V3 but it felt like a V1 to me. This was my warm up climb so it's very possible that the muscle memory I built up made me expend much less energy. The crux of those two V3's on the west face are low, like below the halfway mark. If I remember right, the problem next to Tiptoe traverses left to a large awkward pinch, while the problem left of the that lets up quickly at the rail.

I was thinking and here's probably the problem: All the routes are insanely slick. So even with your best rock shoes you'd still have to watch you feet so you don't slip. Oct 23, 2013
Skat B
Down Rodeo
Skat B   Down Rodeo
Btw, someone told me if you start in the V3 dihedral and went straight up over the roof that it was a V6. I tried this and found it well, for me at least, impossible. Maybe you guys will have better luck than I did! :)

Feel free to add pictures, change route gradings, and which line each route correctly follows to keep things accurate for y'all and future boulderers! Peace! Oct 23, 2013

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