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Tammy in the lower moves
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Luis Cisneros
May 30, 2012
Tammy in the lower moves  
Benjamin Chapman
Small Town, USA
Benjamin Chapman   Small Town, USA
Where's the helmet? Ultimately, it comes down to this: There are rarely good arguments for not wearing one. Sep 1, 2013
Jason Halladay
Los Alamos, NM
Jason Halladay   Los Alamos, NM  
Whoa now. This is the second comment in a week in the NM area chastising the photographed climber for not wearing a helmet. While I can appreciate the point being made, if MountainProject users go around making a "where's the helmet?" comment on every photo of a climber not wearing a helmet, we'll have a ridiculous amount of identical comments and therefore I don't feel these comments are necessary.

As a sometimes-helmet-wearing climber, I like seeing other climbers in helmets but don't get worked up when climbers aren't wearing helmets, especially in well-traveled sport climbing areas where the need for a helmet isn't as pressing. Sure, I realize a multitude of different things could happen in an overhanging sport climbing area but the risk is quite minimal and the situation isn't deserving of a "hey, where the hell is your helmet?!?" comment.

I climbed at Shelf Road this weekend and temperatures were so hot I didn't wear my helmet most of the time to avoid excessive sweating (it really makes a difference to me!). There were photos taken of me not wearing a helmet and I don't need to hear comments about my lack of wearing a helmet. It was my choice not to. And that's the awesome freedom of climbing--we can do what we want in a individual, non-competitive sport. Sep 1, 2013
LeeAB Brinckerhoff   ABQ, NM  
You could always peruse Benjamin's submitted photos and start slandering hit photos of climbers and possibly even himself not wearing helmets, there are plenty.

Alison was working on a new fad at the Dungeon last time I saw her, helmeted tennis shoe ascents... Sep 2, 2013

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