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Up to date info on the Risk Area.
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Tzilla Rapdrilla
May 23, 2012
Up to date info on the Risk Area.  
Dave J  
Bill, I would think that people would want to know there is an error. I mean, isn't that the point of sharing this? To have updatable information on the internet that can change with live time like Wikipedia instead of a book that has to wait for another edition?

Tod - I'm curious as to who is "retrofitting" as you say. Is this the same as retrobolting? How did this person get permission to go around and retrobolt things based on their own perspective without consulting the community? Is there a form or a vote somewhere to get this status? Is there a way to get the same title for chopping routes? If you are updating old hardware, thank you for doing that, but please do not retrobolt them. These routes have been climbed for decades as is - the community should decide if another bolt is needed, not just one individual. If a vote is taken (like with ACE or FCC) and the majority agrees, then do it. May 25, 2012
The retrobolting question is pretty void for a rap bolted route. If the job is botched, do you really need to hold a town hall meeting, elect officers, have a debate, have a quorum, have a vote, and have a seance to bless the crowbar? Just fix it.

When someone chooses to rap and bolt, they are admitting that there is no boldness to it (not that this is a bad thing or something to be ashamed of whatsoever). They should bolt it so that a person climbing at that grade has their best chance at climbing it in the best style (i.e. onsight), without worrying about the protection aspect. This is sport climbing. I put rap bolting bold routes at about the same level of lameness as retrobolting ground-up routes without permission. May 25, 2012
Once again you sound like an ungrateful whiney douche. Do you realize that Tod bolted and has the FA on many routes up here not to mention the entire Front Range. I doubt he needs your permission to update his routes (not to say that he has). Once again, do Jason a favor and stop posting, you're making him look worse than he already does. May 29, 2012

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