Cali climbing Too Drunk To Huck, 5.12c.<br>
The Party Wall, Danks.<br>
From left to right@SEMICOLON@ Party Foul, 5.11a@SEMICOLON@ Sausage Party, 5.11d@SEMICOLON@ Party In My Pants, 5.12a@SEMICOLON@ Too Drunk Too Huck, 5.12c@SEMICOLON@ Beer Goggles, 5.11a/b.
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May 12, 2012
Cali climbing Too Drunk To Huck, 5.12c.

The Party Wall, Danks.

From left to right; Party Foul, 5.11a; Sausage Party, 5.11d; Party In My Pants, 5.12a; Too Drunk Too Huck, 5.12c; Beer Goggles, 5.11a/b.


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