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From Summit mag Nov 57 PAGE 2
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Apr 13, 2012
From Summit mag Nov 57 PAGE 2  
Burt Lindquist
Madison, WI
Burt Lindquist   Madison, WI  
The R.E.I advertisment is great. Wow! Talk about low key.... Apr 13, 2012
Burt Lindquist
Madison, WI
Burt Lindquist   Madison, WI  
Oh the second paragragh is priceless writing....

"Because Devil's lake is fairly close to most of the population of Wisconsin, and is,
moreover, the most heavily used park in the state, it boasts a charming, if somewhat
disqueting, European quality about its climbing. The top of the bluffs may be easily
reached by elderly ladies pushing baby carriages, thanks to the trail system, and since
the view of the Wisconsin River valley to be gained is truly magnificent, elderly ladies
and their younger relatives swarm about the place. It is indeed a rare climber who during
the warmer months cannot look up (usually while about to run out holds) and see a touristish
face peering gingerly over the brink. The tourist walked up comfortably, and if he doesn't
dislodge a rock or drop a beer can, he is likely to inform the climber that there is an
easy way to reach the top. This is where the European qaulity comes in, as well as the
pressing need for toleration." Apr 13, 2012

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