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A good look at the gear.
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Oct 30, 2011
A good look at the gear.  
Madison, WI
Remo   Madison, WI
5'8'' last time I was measured.
Great lead by the Trad Ninja. I took the photo with his camera. Nov 1, 2011
Burt, you should have seen the far I took after Jon left off the last move. I wound up inverted and blew off my hat. My mistake was that I placed a piece under my right leg in the last horizontal, it was sure to flip me. Problem solved by moving that piece to the left side.

With out the side runners this would be a X plus a questionable C3 protects the mantle and if it blew only the side runners might have a chance of saving your ass. Oct 31, 2011
Burt Lindquist
Madison, WI
Burt Lindquist   Madison, WI  
Way to go Nick. Hard climbing for the lead. I saw Jon J.'s shots of you on this taken from above you on your earlier attempts. Great shots... very exciting shots. I saw the fall you ended up taking. I am very happy to see you using solid "side runners" to protect your body on this (and as well for the benifit and peace of mind of your close ones...).. Oct 31, 2011

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