Second bolt of Upton Sinclair. Roy on F.A.
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Roy Suggett
Aug 29, 2011
Second bolt of Upton Sinclair. Roy on F.A.
my wife tells me "no helmet, no brains". Especially on FA Roy! Can you explain? No judgement, just wondering if there's any reasoning. Jun 18, 2012
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Ogden, Utah
user id   Ogden, Utah
Your wife ever tell you to mind your own business?
I hope you and Roy know each other, otherwise stfu. Jun 18, 2012
I want to thank all of you for your concern over my old noggin! And there in lies part of your answer...OLD guys like me climbed hard back in the day when sex was safe and climbing was dangerous so we used helmets generally when we were worried about rock fall. Those helmets were heavy and did not give a lot of room to move in tight spaces. Still have my old Joe Brown to let you try sometime. The upper two-thirds of this route is a crack. I led this, set an anchor, went down got the drill, built the chain anchor, lowered and cleaned the route. No likely rock fall now. Then I did the complete "FA" Oct 10, 2012

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