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Tim Deroehn "bouldering" as he put it, Social Outcast.<br>
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Joseph Lascurain
Aug 21, 2011
Tim Deroehn "bouldering" as he put it, Social Outcast.

There can be old climbers and bold climbers, but not both. It's your choice which you want to be. Aug 28, 2016
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
Lee, very well put. I think respect is the main goal here. Knowing Tim, I know that he was not trying to offend or impress or prove anything, that not the type of guy he is. Tim just really enjoys soloing.

Like Lee said it comes down to doing what feels right to you. Apr 27, 2012
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
lee hansche   goffstown, nh  
i totally see both sides of this debate...

i once heard the saying "the freedom of your fist ends where my face begins" meaning you are free to do what you like so long as it doesnt hurt anyone... many people dont understand that even if the soloist doesnt fall it can be painful for some to watch...

the other side is the idea that we should be able to climb how we want where we want which is a good arguement as well... its a bummer when there isnt an easy answer... when i have soloed i have mostly done so alone, when people were around i asked if they minded... just cause you have the right to do something doesnt mean courtisy is not in order...

just my thoughts, always do what feels right to you... Apr 27, 2012

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