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Routes Left to Right.<br>
Pesquera 5.7+<br>
Azal Tinto 5.8<br>
Vina Ardanza 5.9<br>
Romane-Conti 5.8<br>
Vino Santo 5.9<br>
Periquita 5.8<br>
Bodegas Trapiche 5.10<br>
Criolla 5.7<br>
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Aug 13, 2011
Routes Left to Right.
Pesquera 5.7+
Azal Tinto 5.8
Vina Ardanza 5.9
Romane-Conti 5.8
Vino Santo 5.9
Periquita 5.8
Bodegas Trapiche 5.10
Criolla 5.7


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