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Ian working Bulbous.
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May 2, 2011
Ian working Bulbous.  
So here's the best that Huston and I figured it out.

Bulbous Left goes straight out left to the pinch, matches there and goes straight up ignoring the small crimp and the v shaped hold. It's an eliminate and was done after Bulbous Left Center after they realized most people can just reach the left hold as the first move. Generally seen as a stupid line not worth doing and not logical at all.

Bulbous Left Center went straight out right to the small crimp in the roof and used a heel hook to gain the left pinch hold. Then went right to the V shaped hold and topped out.

The way most people do this problem now is the way depicted in the picture and in the video, kind of a mash up of the two lines and the most logical. Huston and Todd called this way a 6 or a 7 which seems right in line with traditional DL grades.

Make sense? Aug 3, 2011
Ian CB  
Saw the old guide the other day and had a second look at Bulbous LC. It is written by EZ, the FA'ist of Bulbous. It says move left to a pinch from the starting jug. Not right to a crimp. It doesn't say anything about eliminating holds. Also in my opinion this is at least as hard as all of the other V8's I have done in the area. Aug 9, 2011
chris tregge
chris tregge   Beersconsin  
Clear as mud Ian!!! I guess part of the appeal for me @ DL, similar to Axiom of Arete Aesthetics, is the mystery surrounding each climb. If it felt like a V8 then it was a V8. I tried both versions last summer and damn they both felt hard. Hoping to get back this fall and put this to rest. Aug 9, 2011

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