&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@Easily Ammused&@POUND@39@SEMICOLON@ 5.7 in freezing conditions
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Feb 18, 2011
'Easily Ammused' 5.7 in freezing conditions
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
The route that is listed as 5.7 Easily Amused goes up to the anchors at the halfway point. An extension Called Rubicon continues from the mid anchors to the top. That is .10b.

The route Idiot's Deluxe and Curly for President are on the other side of the wet area/ice flow in the winter. Idiot's starts almost right on top of the wooden ladder that heads down to Flash for Lulu and Curly for President is just to its left..

Check out this cool map Lee Hansche made for the layout:
Cool Map Apr 9, 2011
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
It wouldn't let me. You should ask Jay to move it. Apr 14, 2011
Jay Knower
Campton, NH
Jay Knower   Campton, NH  
Where do you want me to move this? Apr 14, 2011

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