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Please Don't Do This.<br>
Found this pic on a "photographer's" website....
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Jan 21, 2011
Please Don't Do This.
Found this pic on a "photographer's" website....  
What I find ridiculous is that given the amount of other, way more picturesque camping spots near here, a dirt parking area at the gate fence of a road is quite the grunge spot. Geez, that these guys choose right there to begin with wreaks of idiotism. If it was staged photo, o.k., but if this is truly legit, then these guys are boneheads. Apr 1, 2012
Christopher Jones
Denver, Colorado
Christopher Jones   Denver, Colorado
I happen to know a few rangers that patrol the area and they would throw the book at them for sure! Jan 27, 2011
Glenn Schuler
Monument, Co.
Glenn Schuler   Monument, Co.
You're a class act Monty, I'll do my best to follow your lead and bite my tongue.

Maybe their car broke down and they were forced to bivy on the State Trust Land right next to the ginormous 4x8 sign that clearly says "NO CAMPING". I really hope the "Tour Guides" for this photographer have a good reason for jeopardizing access to Thunder by pissing off the rangers and land owners.

Please do not camp on the State Trust Land which is clearly marked with signs. As stated above, drive back up the road a few minutes and camp on National Forest land. Jan 25, 2011

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