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Two older and much longer alternative ways in to Green's (for when the Sawyer Pond Rd is closed)
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M Sprague
Jan 10, 2011
Two older and much longer alternative ways in to Green's (for when the Sawyer Pond Rd is closed)  
M Sprague
New England
M Sprague   New England  
This map is now mostly for historical purposes. If the gate is open, it is now a lot faster and straightforward to come in from the north via Sawyer Pond Trail and no bikes are used, but here are the directions for coming in from the south and east in case you are masochistic or want to do so for some other reason. People came in this way for years before figuring out the way from the north. Doh!
GPS coordinates are Lat/Lon hddd.dddd, Datum - WGS 84.

Cut and pasted from the directions before the northern way in was figured out:

There are two main ways in to Green's. The way in directly from the Kancamagus Highway (rt 112) is slightly shorter, but entails a shallow river crossing at the start. The way in from Bear Notch rd. avoids the river, but is slightly longer and has a steep section that is often wet so you may end up pushing your bike more.

The way in from the Kanc - marked in red, starts just west of Passaconaway Campground at a currently bouldered off dirt road into a small logging area (N43.99838 W71.37937). Where you park is not much of a pull off. Just look for the boulders. Head straight back from the highway (north) a few hundred yards to the river. A shallow fording here gets you onto the start of a forest road. (river shoes recommended) Ride this pleasant dirt road and bear right as it joins into a larger one, continuing past Church Ponds straight to Swan's Junction (N44.01745 W71.40188), an open area with a kiosk structure in the middle with a small "Swan's Jnct" sign. Turn left here for Meadowbrook (further directions in that area), or continue straight to the next left for the Main Wall and it's satellites.

The turn for the Main Wall is onto a slightly rougher and more vegetated forest road on the left (N44.01877 W71.39685), just before the main rd begins a long descent and a no snowmobile sign on the right. Once you turn, you will pass 4 bridges and the road gets rougher and steeper. A few minutes after the 4th bridge start looking for a partially overgrown skidder trail on the left (cairn on boulder N44.03062 W71.37988) that crosses a stream in about 50 feet. This turn off is just before the road makes a right bend and tops out. If the leaves are down you can see Greens from here on your left. Due to beaver activity, the stream seems to keep changing and forming new branches, so you will have to pick you way through. (once over, it is worth detouring upstream 100 feet to see the dam and beaver house) Head back a few hundred feet over the stream/s, keeping an eye out for cairns and blue tape and the skidder trail should get more clear. Carefully follow this partially overgrown skidder and climbers trail, marked in green on the map, keeping an eye out for some more cairns and blue flagging, taking you by some cool boulders and depositing you about at the middle of the Main Wall (N44.03579 W71.39961), right near the route Greenpeace. The ride in is a mostly easy 3.8 miles and the hike is about 1.3 miles to the main cliff, assuming you don't get lost. It is about 2 hours in, once you know the way, if not overloaded, and about 1 hr 15 min out.

A couple more notes for the walking part: After the stream crossing and navigating around the wet spots, you will be following the skidder trail until you get to a nice climber’s size boulder on you right. Turn off onto the path to the right just before it. This path (cairns and tape) will take you to a skidder trail again. Go right on it, up the hill. After ascending for a while, the skidder trail will turn to the left and basically traverse the hillside. Once you cross a small muddy stream start to keep an eye out for the climber’s trail leading right off the skidder trail and up the hill. (That stream is you last water source. If people haven't mucked it up, the little pools just downstream usually have very good clear water even in summer. Obviously don't drink from the bug pool on the right before you get to the stream) You have a few steep sections ahead of you, but take heart, you are getting closer. Once you come to a huge split boulder with great bouldering potential, you are close indeed, with one short steep hump to make you think otherwise. Don’t die yet.

The second main way in avoids the river crossing but adds a little distance by starting off Bear Notch Rd. and riding in along the gated Rob Brook Rd. This way starts out on a better graded forest road than coming in directly off the Kanc, so the added distance can mostly be made up by easier riding. At a little over 2.5 miles, just past where The Brunel trail crosses the road and then the right turn that takes you to Owls, the main road makes a sharp bend to the right. Take the first right after this bend, onto a smaller forest road (N44.02270 W71.35855) and stay straight on this as it takes you up along the north slope of Birch Hill and onto a plateau. At the end of this flat section you may see Green's in front of you and the road will start to curve left and down the hill. You will very shortly see the boulder and cairn on the right (3.9 miles from the start) marking the point where you ditch your bike and head up the skidder trail described above. The way by Birch hill runs with water during wet season and is kind of steep in parts, but is a great way in when dry, especially late fall when the river is getting cold.

Others have approached The Alcove and Main Wall from Meadowbrook, but that way has gotten very overgrown and needs to be re-explored.

Don't drink out of the stream where you start hiking unless you filter/treat it. There is beaver activity just upstream. Personally, I have gotten water from a small stream crossing closer to the cliff and drunk it untreated with no problems. A filter would probably be good though.
Jan 18, 2014

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Two older and much longer alternative ways in to Green's (for when the Sawyer Pond Rd is closed)