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Dec 22, 2010
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Logan, UT
SThal   Logan, UT
This is the internet at its worst! I couldn't help but post to be part of this debacle! We have a Nietzschean advocating tolerance! Christians who preach the Law, not the Gospel! Chippers who chop! I don't know any of you! I've climbed at the stronghold two times (trade routes)! Both amazing adventures! I'd rather see access (to an area that is not local for me) totally gone than purported abominations put up. Not that I will ever be able to climb them either way! Chop on!

ps. - I'm a pastor and think the jihad joke is amusing. If you ever need a pastoral chop, I enjoy taking self-righteousness to new levels. Sin boldly, but believe more boldly still (in Christ Jesus, not in the will to power). May peace come to the Arizona climbing community! May 12, 2011
Mr. Curtis,
Aye, that it be.
Which of course is exactly why the sandbox is so full of pissing contests.
Why heck, cats travel all the way from NY to lift a leg in this box fight. Mar 8, 2011
ryan dillon
Tucson, AZ.
ryan dillon   Tucson, AZ.
Damn it! It's still here! I'm so offened that I still find it amusing. Terrorist stike the Stong Hold. Funny no matter how you look at it. Mar 2, 2011

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