"Hang 'em High".<br>
Photo by Blitzo.
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Nov 8, 2010
"Hang 'em High".
Photo by Blitzo.
hi Billy, I need all the footage I can get from you taken at Tuol.Mead Road Camp over the years. I can pay you the small amount I've saved up for the project that I am just part-way through. I have some neat fotos of you shooting in 2004, & other years, and last year at Ben Goger's 30th birthday party. I would love to especially use the fire woman's dance as part of an on-going thread along with Ben and the band's music, lots of footage needed for a 30-minute documentary on the way of life at Road Camp. I'll be interviewing many familiar faces and I'd also love it if I could get some comments from you. I am able to drive to Joshua Tree or where ever you live to get copies of unedited footage. You did a great job at the road camp party on July 30, 2004. It included some staff that have died since, such as Mike Robertson. Please please please write me at RaySantos8@att.net. I am a woman who has worked as a NPS photographer since 1995, and I'm counting the days when I'll be out of here and retired. If you write me back, I can drive down on Weds.pm to meet u. Nov 8, 2010

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