Kevin coming up the final ridge to the anchor... way up there
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lee hansche
Aug 11, 2010
Kevin coming up the final ridge to the anchor... way up there
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
lee hansche   goffstown, nh  
haha good point:)
but neither of us thought it was a bomb... i just bombed it for the sake of sane people... people like me see a bomb as an invitation so any crazys will do it anyway... Aug 11, 2010
bradley white   Bend
That certainly is the finish to 'Lone Ranger'. In hindsight to history's sake, this section was free soloed by Frank Peter's and I in 1980 after accessing it from the dirt ramp on the Summit cliff's east side below it.
Like, crazy man. Bomb's away. Frank slipped and I grabbed his arm before he was the bomb descending fast down the cliff. To each his own taste at climbing stuff, it's sort of like listening to and or performing music.
This climb won't be our bomb's away. It's one of my favorite memories, including hearing or feeling Frank's glee in still being alive. Thanks for the photo. This is the first time I've listed this story. Sep 9, 2010
S. Neoh  
Thanks for sharing your story, Bradley. You did good that day. To me, such stories are timeless and speak of the very significant experiences that climbing partners can share and remember for a life time. Great stuff.
-Soon Sep 9, 2010

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