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Routes From L-R:<br>
1@SEMICOLON@Wonderin' where the Lions Are 9+<br>
2@SEMICOLON@Rambo Santa 7<br>
3@SEMICOLON@Old Bolt Route 7R<br>
4@SEMICOLON@Tree Roof 8<br>
5@SEMICOLON@Pearl Harbor 10d<br>
6@SEMICOLON@Eight Clicks...10c<br>
7@SEMICOLON@Ain't Nobody Here...11d<br>
8@SEMICOLON@Across Enemy Lines 12a<br>
9@SEMICOLON@Diagonal 9<br>
10@SEMICOLON@Battle of Evermore 10b<br>
11@SEMICOLON@Blood for Oil 12a<br>
12@SEMICOLON@Stronghold 9<br>
13@SEMICOLON@Front Lines 10a<br>
14@SEMICOLON@Lizzard Warrior 10d<br>
15@SEMICOLON@Camouflage 9-<br>
16@SEMICOLON@G.I. Joe Does...9+<br>
17@SEMICOLON@Nuclear Polka 10a<br>
18@SEMICOLON@Monkey Lust 9
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Feb 15, 2010
Routes From L-R:
1;Wonderin' where the Lions Are 9+
2;Rambo Santa 7
3;Old Bolt Route 7R
4;Tree Roof 8
5;Pearl Harbor 10d
6;Eight Clicks...10c
7;Ain't Nobody Here...11d
8;Across Enemy Lines 12a
9;Diagonal 9
10;Battle of Evermore 10b
11;Blood for Oil 12a
12;Stronghold 9
13;Front Lines 10a
14;Lizzard Warrior 10d
15;Camouflage 9-
16;G.I. Joe Does...9+
17;Nuclear Polka 10a
18;Monkey Lust 9  


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