Jacek on the Airy Traverse, Jeff belaying above chimney.<br>
photo by Bob Kerry  11/01
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Jan 21, 2010
Jacek on the Airy Traverse, Jeff belaying above chimney.

photo by Bob Kerry 11/01
The route up the white streak on the steep face is the Screaming Sky Crack I think, which is the route Carl and I used to make what we think is the first 1 day ascent of Zoro.

Eric Meudt Jun 26, 2011
August 14th 1994. There is a small write up in Rock and Ice #64 from Nov/Dec 1994. 22 and a half hours car to car- Jun 27, 2011
Carl had scoped the route prior at least 2 times and knew where to go- He asked me and we sent on his third attempt- I think the first attempt was with Bill Hatcher and the second attempt was with Dave Willey- I assuredly had an advantage because of Carl's prior knowledge of the long approach. We were also friends and climbing partners. We left at 8 PM went down the South Kaibab to Phantom then up Bright Angel to Clear Creek up to Sumner Wash and through the Supai etc. Long and Amazing day and was cooked for days after. At the time I was sewing for Deucy at A5 and essentially living out of my car and the shop- Deucy was OK with that- I would recommend a 3 day trip-

Eric Meudt

PS- Rock and Ice misspelled my name- There is no N in my last name. Jun 27, 2011

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