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the late great Roger Marshall in the mid 80's<br>
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Mark Roth
Dec 27, 2009
the late great Roger Marshall in the mid 80's
Dan Allard
West Chester, PA
Dan Allard   West Chester, PA
I really like this photo. The timeless and natural lack of detail in the fall/winter landscape, overcast sky and neutral colored rock subtly funnel attention to the climber who, in his own attire and gear rack of the day, really captures how simple and humble climbing is or can be. To me, it speaks 1000 words to how much it really is just you and the rock up there. Peaceful in the solidarity of what Reardon referred to as the 8 foot eggshell. But also how human that our mind is capable of grand ideas and the logic, knowledge, and physicality to pull it off.

It seems anymore, at places as classic as the Gunks even, "found" and accessible to the new generations and city crowds, that things like fashion, consumerism, mass produced corporate marketing influenced perceptions of "performance", etc have taken over to a point that some who share our cliffs may never truly live this experience.
Some are preoccupied in their fancy, latest and lightest gear out to beef up their tick list in a style - immediately posted to the almighty Facebook (or even MountainProject), from the crag of course - that begs LIKES from their followers.
Some continue to live the path less followed seeking and exploring elsewhere because paying a "daily usage fee" of 17$ to enjoy what is a natural human right for a few hours, isn't easily justified in that same human mind.

Not to say one is better than the other -
"The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun!" according to Alex Lowe.

Do what makes you happy - which this photo inspires me to do.
Rock on and safe climbing :) Feb 20, 2013
S2k4 Life
beaver creek, CO
S2k4 Life   beaver creek, CO
you tell um dan Jul 1, 2016

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