Werner Braun running it out on Astroman (5.11c), Yosemite Valley<br>
Photo by Charles Cole
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C Miller
Dec 11, 2009
Werner Braun running it out on Astroman (5.11c), Yosemite Valley

Photo by Charles Cole
donald perry
New Jersey
donald perry   New Jersey
I see what leading it looks like here, but How do you catch a leader fall on that with a grigri if it is on your harness? I think if you use a figure 8 with gloves it would not be OK, as long as (on a more vertical climb like that) he does not land on top of you first.

Or he could just be a nice guy and put in some pro, he is carrying too much gear anyway. A lot of these guys make it to the top of this or that and show 100 photos of themselves and hardly even mention their belayer. In this case he or she appears to be expendable?

No, there is a nut right over her head, Okay!
Dec 22, 2016
Jason Todd
Cody, WY
Jason Todd   Cody, WY
Look at the size of that chalkbag! Must be a boulderer or somethin'. Mar 24, 2017
John RB
Superior, CO
John RB   Superior, CO
I love how people say shit like they know what they're talking about.

Werner never soloed Astroman. Croft did it first, then Dean, then Alex. Werner may have rope soloed it (a lot of people have), but never free solo.

Werner has probably climbed Astroman more than 50 times and the odds of him falling on the enduro pitch (pictured here) are essentially zero. Aug 15, 2017

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