Gold Coast detail.<br>
From L -->@SEMICOLON@ R:<br>
Black Gold, 13c<br>
God's Own Stone, 14a<br>
100 oz of Au, 13d<br>
Golden Boy, 13b<br>
True Love, 13d<br>
No Fluff, 11d<br>
Brilliant Orange, 13a
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Nov 12, 2009
Gold Coast detail.

From L --> R:

Black Gold, 13c
God's Own Stone, 14a
100 oz of Au, 13d
Golden Boy, 13b
True Love, 13d
No Fluff, 11d
Brilliant Orange, 13a
Mike Anderson
Colorado Springs, CO
Mike Anderson   Colorado Springs, CO
The two projects have been linked and climbed, creating "24 Karats", at 14c or so. Mar 3, 2011

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